I shouldn't have left Antonella alone.

What a pain!

Why aren't you helping?


Coming to school in your pajamas, how lazy!

She was sleepy.

So what happens then?


This chimney has begun to draw badly.

Others say Adil's people are too abstract, as they like dealing with pure mathematics and orchestral music.

I can't believe I'm saying this out loud.

You still can't stand her, can you ?

All our members are volunteers.

There will come a day when you regret it.

You'll get better in a few days.


Vladimir is waiting at the airport.


Irvin didn't report the accident.

A driver was sleeping in the car.

Have a nice night.

No, I don't sing.

When are you coming home?

Lois asked Sonja if he could kiss her.

It took me ages to get through that book she lent me.

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Toufic never worried about how much things cost.


Snap out of it.

She will be a famous artist in the future.

The small dog Laike is not the only animal to have gone in space

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Maybe Dawson should quit before he hurts himself.

Neville poured another drink.

He wrote it hurriedly.


Heinrich was responsible.


I was overseas at the time.


It would be stupid to get rid of all this stuff at this time.

I'm in charge now.

That's not what you said.

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What's Julianto been doing all day?

The festival was far from dull.

Only peace can save the world.


We arrived in New York at night.

Will it be Saturday tomorrow?

Nanda has just finished dinner.

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We're ready, aren't we?

I believe that he is innocent.

I go to the city to buy bread.

Touch my body.

He applied for admission to the riding club.

Does anybody here trust Shari?

That doesn't prove a thing.


He persists in his opinion.


I'm sorry for the late response.


Why exactly would I do that?

I'm leaving on a trip at the beginning of winter.

When I arrived, she was just getting ready to leave.


Charlene is clearly unhappy to be here.

She tidies her daughter's room every day.

I know nothing about her except that she is a pianist.

You wouldn't want to do that.

I can't tell you how much I've missed you.


The Obama Administration is committed to saving you money. We are hunting down misspent tax dollars through the Campaign to Cut Waste.

They are about the same age.

What's your busiest day of the week?

"Please don't leave me!" It's too late, William."

I'll get rid of him.


I was not pleased by your rude behavior.


Scott is an entrepreneur with much spirit of enterprise.

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He attends the same school that I do.

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I was hoping you could give me a hand.

The word has unpleasant associations.

Take your umbrella because it is cloudy.

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Curt is Delbert's significant other.

On that day I forgot my wallet at home.

Some people like cats, and others prefer dogs.

Take a bath.

I need a partner.

She looks pretty no matter what she wears.

The girl took the cake for her wonderful dancing at the recital.


Rainer didn't say anything, but she disapproved with her eyebrows.

You will never get him to agree.

There are some nice apples on sale in that shop.


When he gets drunk, he's quite an interesting priest, and he talks about various things.


What was wrong?


Phiroze showed all her friends her engagement ring.


I'll reconsider the matter.

We think Vic can help us win.

I just got a call from Harv.

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Jong felt lightheaded.

Let's go sledding.

Please have the porter take the baggage to our room.


Izchak doesn't necessarily have to go there by himself.


Nhan is probably really sleepy.

I don't want to dance.

Sekar never could hide a secret from Vaughn.

You'll need someone to care for you.

Joni wanted to make a change.


She became pregnant.


He snored all night and his wife couldn't sleep.


Be careful when you cross the street.

Shane never knew his father.

She loves him and me.

I study for 3 hours every day.

I leave for Paris tomorrow.

Everyone should be able to express their opinion.

The moon is pretty in the fall.

We are acquiring a bit of elephant ivory in that market of Saigon.

This truck is very noisy.

I caught sight of a parade on my way home.

Maybe we could take one.

I'll do as I please.

He wore red pants.

At least I can see you.

There are still so many unanswered questions.

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Who taught you these arpeggios?

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Most creatures in the sea are affected by pollution.

There was hardly any furniture in the house.

I won't help you, so don't ask me.

He gave extravagant tips.

You've had all week to study.


He does not want any kind of flowers.

The audience appeared bored.

I don't want you to feel alone.

He loves gardening.

What are you smiling at, Brad?

He breeds cattle and horses.

The weather is foggy.

If it gets dangerous, give me a call.

The sun having risen, I turned off the light.


There's nothing better than a delicious meal.


Nothing has been overlooked.

I'm taking them home with me.

The college bestowed an honorary degree on him.


The man groaned in pain.

Why does it even matter?

Benjamin is on holiday with his parents.

Darryl's family is missing.

Don't drop cigarette ash on the carpet.

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Many people don't realize that antibiotics are ineffective against viruses.

Leave her alone or you'll regret it.

He quickly adjusted to the new situation.

Penny asked me if he could hold my hand.

Be sure to call on me when you come this way.

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Jayant should apologize to Lawrence.

We haven't done anything yet.

Be sure to take a note of what she says.


Ali learnt the Persian language to be able to read the The Mathnawi of Jalaluddin Rumi in original text.

I can be there in ten minutes.

Who asked you for help?

I'll see what happens.

It's a mixture of ceramics, porcelain, stoneware, and earthenware.

They said that.

My boyfriend discovered the erotic manga that I had been hiding.

There is only one tiny difference.

We aren't used to being spoken to by a foreigner.

Eva went on doing that even though we asked him to stop doing it.

You have something on your face.

It would break if you dropped it.

I crossposted the message to another website.

He is attractive in every way.

My otherwise perfect life is about to change for the worse.