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She brought her portfolio of photographs to the interview.


Sorrel tried to resist.

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I don't like having my picture taken.

We moved our bags to make room for the elderly lady to sit down.

The pay is based on sales.


This problem is a real challenge.

Step on it!

I have a kidney condition.

I didn't see a soul.

What you see is what you get.


Louiqa is moral.


Dan noticed the California license plate on Linda's car.

I asked her if she knew his address.

The room was packed with people.

Do you have a house on your own?

The professors can make mistakes, too.

He was perfectly cool and made no resistance, but gave me one look, so ugly that it brought out the sweat on me like running.

The car jack was on the table.


Thank you for the help.

My kids grew up here.

Generosity is innate in some people.

The cost of living has increased drastically.

He cut himself the first time that he cooked dinner.

I thought about calling Mark, but I didn't.

Can we talk with Case?


Do you think you can manage?


Floyd shaved off his beard and dyed his hair blonde, hoping people wouldn't recognize him.

Apparently there's a cancellation charge of 30 percent.

I can't buy a book this expensive.


Space seems to be a solid sort of person.

The contract is in the bag, so let's go out and celebrate.

Do you want my help?


I have an orderly lifestyle.


Hans is well-liked by everyone.

The market is held every Monday.

Shadow him.


I was just trying to help.

He opened a law office in Cincinnati.

The end of the rainy season came late this year.

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Have you ever asked me a question that wasn't rhetorical?

What's this all about?

You mustn't touch it, because it'll break easily.

All I want now is a hot shower and a good night's sleep.

My mother is a fantastic woman.

I ate late last night.

If we pay the rent to the landlady, we won't have any money for food; we are between the devil and the deep blue sea.

It's not that I want to have a girlfriend, I just want to be in love.

We can't tell them.

They don't need me anymore.

That car is very new.

I didn't know who was going to meet me at the airport.

Some friend you are!


He can play tennis better than any other boy in his class.


I don't hate children!

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You'd better watch Jong.

A woman is the woe of man.

She is very proud of her stamp collection.

Did you think about that?

He wrote me four letters.

I plan to tell Shane what happened.

Seen close-up, things have a way of showing their defects, their innate ugliness.

You should study still harder.

Today must be your lucky day.

Are you still in school?

The challenges are enormous.

The young man is a handsome figure.

He stood agape for a moment in front of the painting, surprised at its realism.

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We're getting careless.

Read this passage.

Please put your shirt on.

She went so far as to say that he was a swindler.

The forensic technician found gunshot residue on the victim's hand.

I would rather our uncle visited us.

I'm glad we agree on something.


I can be very persuasive.

Mrs Klein is over 80, but she's still very active.

That's not the worst thing that could happen.

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It's not a suitable topic for discussion.

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She wrote me back soon.

What time do you get up, Benedict?

The British ship was captured and brought to the United States.

The cab driver wasn't seriously injured.

He named his son Robert after his own father.


I'm waiting for you to help me.

He turned with a vengeance against the religion he was brought up in.

He's never hit me before.

Dan didn't know anything about Linda's past.

The doctor seemed concerned.

The pond has frozen over.

They're weird.

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Carlos was naughty.

Climb to the top.

I'd like to be Chinese.

The mountain whose top is covered with snow is Mt. Fuji.

I'm going to hurt you.


I take care of him.

The shepherd, even when he become a gentleman, smells of the lamb.

He is an expert driver.


Wait here a minute.

The tea leaves all point to a merger, if you ask me.

I'd better tell you the truth.

All right, what's going on here?

That seemed to go well.

Most computers these days are based on the von Neumann architecture.

He is not able to know the truth.


Juha hardly ever goes out late at night.

Kenneth turned the music up.

We haven't seen him.

I've been here all day.

What's wrong with that?

Betty has gone to visit a sick friend.

I expect to be paid for this work by tomorrow.

You're obviously too drunk to drive.

The dog is after the fox.

It is close to seven o'clock. We have to go to school.

Marnix arranged a picnic for the whole office.

We'll be here.

Then why are you crying?

Winston is Sally's friend.

That's enough.

Stacy is riding high these days.

Do you know how to do that?


Where did you break them?

Don't worry. I'm not going anywhere.

Louis is busy, isn't he?

There is no film in this camera.

How do you explain what Damone did?

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I can speak Spanish fluently.

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Hirofumi is smarter than most boys his age.

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Sci-fi readers are adept at hypothetical scenarios.


Someone left this for you.

Suyog forgot to put a stamp on the envelope.

Roxana leaned forward and kissed Cristina.

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Winston got up to open a window.

Kyoto is visited by many people every year.

I only read the first four chapters.

Andrew isn't the kind of person who says one thing but does another.

We sat down to dinner in opposition to each other.

I think it's a good start.

No, I'm not well.


Blaine's hand-eye coordination has never been the same since the accident.


Does someone here speak French?

To the airline office.

And now I'm trouble because of you!

Tanaka is the one who told us what to do.

The new telescope was shipped in a huge wooden box.


I didn't think it wasn't so funny.

I'll call her, but she won't come.

Let's make clear which is right and which is wrong.

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I did everything Svante told me to do.

Is Galileo Galilei a real name?

She couldn't answer the question.


She was at a loss for an answer.

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I'm tired. I'm going to bed.

"How long will it take?" "About two weeks."

Most accidents, after all, happen around the corner, not in the rainforest.

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She told me that it would be a good idea if I came home soon.


Everybody wants to protect you.


Then let us begin.