It is everyone's wish to succeed in life.

Can I try one more?

Jinchao has beautiful dark hair.

I quit while I was ahead.

Who is next?

The fruit is similar to an orange in shape and to a pineapple in taste.

You wouldn't know how to do this, would you?

My house is designed so as to withstand an earthquake.


He embarked on his marriage with many hopes and fears.


How do you plan to make amends?


Now it's another thing.

They offered assistance.

I saw Yumi in my dream.

Let me tell you a story.

She's minging.

By obtaining advanced technology from Japan, those countries also plan to provide people with a technical education.

Melinda said he intends to go to Australia next October.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, our trip to the mountains this weekend will be cancelled.

Prices rose drastically as a result of this policy.


Who doesn't know such a common saying?

Not all books are good books.

I hope Kriton wasn't offended.

That's exactly what I expected.

Someone has to do it.

I carried Bernie down two flights of stairs.

How can I delete a repeated sentence?

Is there a youth hostel around here?

My cousin from Boston, Hienz, is here today.

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Do you find me pretty?


Johnathan bugs everyone.


You can have someone do it for you.

Nou failed miserably.

I've never been to my grandfather's house.

Name the rivers in Arkansas .

Shane never wanted to try it.

My father is busy just now.

This word should be treated as a noun in this case.


Jon speaks Hiberno-English.

Tiefenthal told Lee that he'd look into the problem.

Can't you help me just a little bit?


I will always have a certain fondness for this sitcom because my grandmother and I used to watch it together.

I just hate them.

He asked the policeman how many people had been killed in traffic accidents the previous day.

Sid is allergic to eggs.

Opposition to the bill was strong.

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Donald just didn't understand.


Are you sure there's nothing more I can do?


Donn is better than all of us.

Po can't have done that all by himself.

I'm lost!

Eventually, he was sentenced to five years in prison for the violent crime.

If only I had known this earlier.

He organized a boycott of the bus service.

He guaranteed my debt.

The question foxed me completely.

If you're still hungry, have another hamburger.

I was suspended from work for a week.

Ro wrote Michael a letter.


He will soon get used to the class.

I wore a hat yesterday because it was very cold.

We need to protect them.

I had hardly started to eat when I noticed that she was crying.

Believe me, the purpose of that is not understandable.

We smell with our noses.

My sister can play the guitar very well.

He gave up.

Your suggestion seems irrelevant to our discussion here.

I'm not asking you to babysit.

She began to cry at the sight of his face.

This transparent liquid contains a kind of poison.

In the distance I hear the sound of softly murmuring roads.

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Brandy couldn't answer any of my questions.

How far gone are you?

She held on to it for dear life.

I have to try it.

I believe we've seen enough.


We're patient.

All of us speak French.

It's easy to lampoon their ideas now, but they seemed quite reasonable at the time.


Franklin Roosevelt was born to a rich and important New York family.

It is possible for him to do the job.

I heard voices through the wall.

The cows are on the farm.

Olivier has been working here for over three years.


I'll have visited Canada twice if I go there again.


What do you learn?

I can't do this for much longer.

Hydropower is a renewable resource, but oil, coal and natural gas are not.

I still don't trust you.

If that is the real aim, naturally I would not know about that.


Computers are difficult, so I get confused.

You need to find your own way.

Culture is what remains after one has forgotten all the things one has learned.

I would not yield the chair.

An unclaimed child and his dog sit by the railroad tracks.

Did you manage to get a hold of Jeannie?

Shane still hasn't arrived.


Nicolas is listening to a mashup.

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When I tried to speak to her, I was always too nervous to do more than stammer or say something stupid.

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Bruce died shortly afterwards.

He permitted them to walk in the garden.

Rob is lazy.

They were just in time.

I am sorry to trouble you.

There are three letters in the word ubi.

She began to grumble and then to weep.


I'd like to know the phone number of the nearest American Express office.

Turn that up.

You have made a fatal mistake.


Nicholas poured Rodney a cup of coffee.

Watch him and do what he does.

His reply was short and to the point.


Frederick hurried out the door.


Sherman says he wants to go to Boston with us.

I was the happiest man on earth.

Don't you think I know what a jerk I am? I just can't help it. It's in my blood.


If I were you, I would try to be successful.

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I can't dispense with watching television.

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I will never tell anybody.


Sheila said that he's sorry.

In order to achieve great things, we must live as though we are never going to die.

I might like to follow her lead.


No one has come.

Your mom is so cute!

I suggest you let them go.


I think I know why.


How will you travel to Osaka?

I think Kees is humorous.

This vegetable soup is extra chunky.

He looked refreshed after a good night's sleep.

Mother was afraid I would get dirty.

But as he was always spending money, and never made any more, at last the day came when he had nothing left but two shillings, and he had to leave the beautiful rooms in which he had been living, and go into a little attic under the roof, and clean his own boots, and mend them with a darning-needle.

You don't like chocolate, do you?

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Eddy is an old man.

Is there anywhere special in Australia you want to go?

Thank Dana for telling us the truth.

I've become disenchanted with politics.

He was transported to the hospital by helicopter.


Do you want a punch?

He finally decided to get married.

Polly won't go alone.


We took the quickest route.

He's always kept these rules in mind.

Give us a minute.

Great works are perfumed not by strength but by perseverance.

I heard it from a reliable source.

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She did not want him to leave.

There was a shortage of imported oil.

We're pretty booked up.


I don't know why I didn't see it before.

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What was it that you gave him?

The boy grew up to be a famous musician.

She can be mean sometimes.


Jan wondered how long it would take Sergei to finish the job.

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I like your attitude.

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Where are you from, Karen?


I don't have the money to buy a car.