I don't want to marry you.


You have too many books on the shelf.

We value your advice.

I've lost confidence in Boyce.


The soldiers died.


The driver who caused the accident was driving with a suspended license.

No, a self-made millionaire, had lived in abject poverty as a child.

Janos suggested that we should leave earlier than we'd originally planned.

I'd like two prints of each.

We're very frugal.

Kemal is a local boy who made it big.

Patty agreed immediately.


I did it just now.

"Whose earphones are these?" "They are Fatima's."

We've got to help him.

Christian was evidently embarrassed.

Kim had some problems he had to deal with.

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I was kind of hard on him.

I'll be busy all week.

Dannie wants to study medicine.

How will you spend your time?

Sorrel has done very well so far.


He made up his mind to be a fireman.

You and I seem to be the only people here.

The road was jammed with various kinds of cars.

It's very hard to get your heart and your head to agree in life. In my case they're not even friendly.

Soon you'll get used to living by yourself.

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It's fun to speak in English.

I knew that we'd be late.

He had his clarinet tuned.

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I always knew I was adopted.

I'm sorry that you can't join us.

So, what do you think of it?


Rand isn't sympathetic.

I won't let Clarence come in.

It seemed like the only way to do it.

"Shall I take a message?" "No, thank you."

My son is in preschool.


Griff has already told Masanao what to bring to the party.


Roberto's dog enjoys being hoovered.

It's great fun.

Linda gained weight.

But I don't think Dad would like me to.

Dan and Linda seemed perfect together.

I wish you could go with him.

I guess you are right.

Loren isn't quiet.

Can I use your computer for a second?


Dicaeopolis walks out of his house and calls his slave.

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Subject numerals in Arabic language is quite difficult.

Sara took pictures of that mountain in summer.

Stephen will carry you.

OK, what would you like advice on?

We haven't seen each other for a long time.

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His fairy tales made Hans Christian Andersen, the most famous Dane in the world, an icon of world literature.

I object to being treated like a child.

Laurie looked surprised, as well.

Venkata is going to be heartbroken.

We all worked really hard.


Give me your money.

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What do you want anyway?

Is he going to make it?

He isn't able to read.

Why aren't you in Boston?

I'll do what you want.


The people crowded round the injured man, but they made way for the doctor when he reached the scene of the accident.

I found the test difficult.

Tran graduated from Harvard.

We can't just pretend like nothing happened.

Energy comes from inside.

Everett hasn't called.

Can I get another cup of coffee?


The kitchen chairs aren't stackable.

I like cracking sunflower seeds.

She's a honey!


I am in charge of the third-year class.

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Shahid hated Joni.

I know what happened here.

Dan noticed Linda's photograph on the wall.

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She's at her tennis lesson.

Where did Teresa say Leads had gone?

We were just saying goodbye.

I am not a dwarf. I am of short stature.

I really think you should try to relax.

Merton caught a big fish.

We can make the world stop.


Breakfast is served at eight o'clock.


We were able to eat little rice during the tour.


I can read in Spanish without a problem.


I think people should work together to find reasonable solutions to their problems.

Gingerbread Man hanged himself.

Ariel didn't know that Cecilia was interested in classical music.

I might tell them everything.

The one who does not work, does not eat!

He claims to be a friend, but it not such.

Blake is a very talented singer.

Hurf walked out with Art.

If you had helped me, I would have succeeded.

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There are few mistakes, if any.

I knew it!

You have to pay taxes.


I remember no such thing.

She got married to him.

He lost no time answering the letter.

I wouldn't ask you to do it if I could find anyone else.

When was the car delivered to you?

He knows neither German nor French.

You don't have to be discouraged because you are not a genius.

Sabrina is untidy.

How was Los Angeles?

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It's the latest model to come out.

The tickets are 20 yen each.

Tovah makes big money.

I wouldn't touch that if I were you.

I must go and find Jay.

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The little boy sat on his father's shoulders.


He quit smoking cold turkey.

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I have no privacy.

Trust and belief are two prime considerations. You must not allow yourself to be opinionated.

We're doing the right thing, aren't we?

The ancient heroes, as we now know them, were all endowed with many virtues.

I can't believe I made Griff cry.

This job is killing me.

The sun sets behind the mountain.

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I'm thorough.


I have a gripping pain here.


Money isn't everything, but if you have no money, you can't do anything.

If Cleopatra's nose had been a little lower, the history of the world might have been different.

Sigurd left his bed unmade.

He's a very selfish person.

Blackie makes a lot of noise while he eats.

Kit is twice as old as me.

Even I don't understand what I say anymore.

We reason deeply, when we forcibly feel.

Mr White is about my age.

You were so nice to me, and I had a really pleasant trip. Thanks so much.

I'm supposed to give a speech tonight.


Truman's popularity increased.

I just wish I could speak French a little better.

I will do the best I can.


The leader of the new republic is bucking under political pressures.

I'm not optimistic.

If he came here, I would receive him with open arms.

The teacher asked the students to practice the dialogue in pairs.

Birds are the natural enemies of insects.

Please step back and keep behind the line.

I have worked a lot this week.


The people here are accustomed to the cold.


I had nothing left but misery.

Pam took the job that Theodore offered him.

She looked excited.

You're worth gold.

You're irresponsible.


Ben is eloquent, isn't he?


He is hated.

Laurence and Rodney went hunting for Easter eggs.

I want to know where Warren went.

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What is important is to keep this in mind.