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For many Australian businesses, Internet presence has become an integral part of their sales and marketing strategy, an instrument to attract new customers, develop brand awareness, promote products and services and achieve higher sales conversion rates. In a tough economy when companies are forced to cut costs and manage resources more effectively; web design and online marketing forms an essential part of your business success.

But just having website designed is not enough. It should generate enough traffic so that your prospects can actually find you. Otherwise your website will become just another pretty page on the outskirts of the Internet.

Websitemasters understand how website promotion works. We design websites that are optimised for better results in organic searches in the most popular search engines.

We design websites that help to convert your website visitors into clients. To achieve this goal we believe that your website must drive positive emotions, be user friendly, have easy navigation and useful content.

Our approach

  • Unique website content

    Websitemasters create websites that achieve your organisation's goals. Depending on a business' specific needs, websites have different goals. These could range from company brand promotion, online shopping, quote enquiry, product catalogues, or more.

    In order to achieve these goals, website content must be unique, informative and well thought-out. We take care of this when creating your website design and online marketing strategy.

  • Original and attractive website design

    Website design is as important for website success as content. While the content plays a vital role in retaining visitors, design creates the first impression and often determines whether a website visitor will stay on your site.

    Websitemasters create website designs that are attractive and original; making your website stand out from your competitors.

  • Clear website structure and easy navigation

    We design websites for your clients. We make sure that your website visitors can easily find their way around. Good websites make new visitors feel "at home". This is a result of a well thought-out structure and user-friendly navigation.

  • Build-in capacities for regular website updates and information upload

    Regularly updated websites are seen to be "alive" and are more attractive for both visitors and search engines. We recommend that your website is updated at least once a month.

    We provide our clients with everything required for easy information management and website updates. Even better, we are always here to help prepare and upload news and content updates.

  • Quality programming

    People are now accessing the Internet using gadgets with different operating systems, different monitor resolutions and through various browsers. This should not affect how a visitor sees your website.

    At Websitemasters we make sure that your new website will have a consistent look in different systems and that the backend code is correct and optimised.

  • Professionalism and attention to details

    You can trust us. We have over 20 years of combined experience in marketing, marketing research, graphic design and web development. This means that we know the best-working strategies and can help you to apply those to achieve success online.


testi1From our first meeting with Elena from Websitemasters, all through the design stages and the training sessions, the process has been very professional and enjoyable.

Websitemasters always responded quickly to any queries we had or changes that we needed. We really appreciated the ease of use and how we can edit any page of the website ourselves.

They provided us with exactly what we asked for and all at an affordable price. Thank-you Websitemasters!

We would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Kelly Brennan & Stephanie Lee
Directors at Imprest Business Servicestesti2

testi1After first discussing our website with Elena I felt at ease, not only was she upfront with the design we had put forward she and her team offered valuable suggestions on how to improve the websites functionality.

I found their services to be extremely professional; they were helpful in all aspects and responded promptly to any questions / changes necessary.

Thank you again for all of your help, I have no hesitation in recommending your services.

Dean Wilkinson
Operations Coordinator, Seed Solutions Pty Ltdtesti2

testi1Wow! Elena, you must have worked all night. I hope you got some sleep. The website is looking sensational.

I love everything about it.

I love the calendar, news box and tags on the home page.

I love the main header menu, especially how it stays fixed with the text scrolling underneath.

I love the balance of colours, red, black, grey and white.

I love the Google map under location.

I love the text fonts, size and the layouts of each page.

I love the photo gallery.

You have done an excellent job. I just love it!

Thanks for your work.

Peter Collins
Vice Principal, Ursula Frayne Catholic Collegetesti2

testi1Thank you so much for the service you provided for our company, Solar Power WA.

We would just like to say your professionalism and attention to detail is second to none.

We pride ourselves on customer service and we are delighted to find your company does too. We will certainly be ringing you in the future and recommending you to all of our networking contacts.

Good Luck and thanks....

Gil Wright
Solar Power WAtesti2


‎"I was totally blown away by your website when it opened up. It loaded immediately and covered my whole screen with an appealing, original colour scheme. The flash was just right to draw my attention without being distracting. The design was intuitively easy to follow.

I have researched over 90 website designers and yours is the most impressive website designer website I have seen.

I hope this is a sign of good things to come!"

Joy Everafter, Writertesti2

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