One of the committees is composed of eight members.


I saw fear in Nicolette's eyes.

I wish Molly would arrive soon.

You won everything!

I still ask myself that same question.

My son suffers from osteoporosis.

I'm on my way home from work.

We just tried to do too much.


Narendra looked really uncomfortable.

Don't stop now.

I've always respected them.


I want to travel to the moon.


We heard Thierry was in trouble.

We saw something white in the dark.

I've done nothing.

Suzanne has been telling everyone you hate Jeffrey.

Put out your tongue, please.

She kept all medicine away from children.

Anne hugged Moore tightly and never wanted to let her go.


To avoid interest charges, Tai pays his credit card in full every month.

Come on in. Take your money and make sure the door is closed after you've left.

I'll let you talk to him.

Spain will need to borrow 100 billion euros.

Every year, many older people die in road accidents.

When was the last time you read this magazine?

He shaved his mustache.

Tell Sean I'll be home soon.

I won't fight you.

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I think you'll find it.

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Are you aware of how much money your son has been spending?

The train had already left when we got to station.

We've never broken the law.

She's alive! She was drowning, but her father saved her.

Murthy is a great kisser.

Darling, why don't you watch a little television while I slip into something more comfortable.

We must do more than yesterday.

That's a very difficult question.

The music stopped.

Jeanne is inconsistent.

He dismissed the employee.

What else would you call it?

I write to Erwan Le Bourdonnec.

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I'll give it a try.


What'll happen to you if you don't obey Timothy?

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I spread marmalade on my bread.

The girls were sitting side by side.

Indra and Craig are playing battleship.

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Rik was wearing men's clothing.

I never listen to this song without remembering my school-days.

Murph was right all along.

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These flowers are so beautiful, aren't they?

Should I throw away all these books?

Varda is flabbergasted.

They hate you.

Trust in me.

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All the stores were closed.

He is very strong--so much so that no one can defeat him.

I don't know where my crutches are, have you seen them?

I want you in my office in one hour.

Let me have the file.

Colin used to be aggressive.

Morton lied about where he'd been.

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Gilles and Jones ate in silence.

Can you send me a screenshot?

Anatoly is only given fifteen minutes to eat his lunch.

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I am not having any of those lies.

Rajiv was always different.

Patrick cancelled his party because something came up.


My dad's not here.

I wish we could live in Australia.

The telephone is ringing, but nobody is answering.

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Terrence is praying.

I told her you were hungry.

I completely disagree with that.


I believe that everything will be okay.

She is a friend of mine.

I must have lost it.


She turned against her old friend.

This case has an affinity with that one.

He's my daughter's son. He's my grandson.


How can I go on?


Go directly to the airport. Otherwise, you'll be late.

I don't like this cartoon.

Why don't you take your jacket off?


Amedeo is a vampire.


Money could not be converted into capital if wage labour did not exist.

I'll give Ted a chance.

Annie is getting the hang of it.

Your first Japanese class will be tomorrow, isn't?

He began to play an old song.


Do either of you know Cole?

Kamel works in a bank.

Diane almost spit out his orange juice.

I know what Pria said.

Do you all learn Esperanto?


The legislator of that state did away with outdated laws.

We sat speaking this and that.

This agreement is invalid, unless you bring it in black and white.

She cannot persuade him to buy her a new car.

We should act quickly.

Ellen seems to be unlucky.

Let me do my work in peace.

I take dancing and modeling lessons.

Some people live only with what they find in big dumping grounds.

I'm glad I'm not you.

It isn't certain whether he will come or not.

Finding Irfan isn't going to be easy.

The rain today matches my mood well.


My sister pulled my hair.

The word lends itself to beginners.

Roxana asked Glen what she was looking for.


The curtains are closed.

That city has a very interesting past.

We have to find out.

I suppose we could walk.

The news spread little by little.

I know a girl who speaks French.

Feel light at heart; feel happy.

You will be able to get the news from him tomorrow.

Deal with it later.

I told you not to talk to him.

Come to my house.

He is a man who will do what he wants.

They're going to the war.


Pravin has started dating a new girl, but he hasn't told Kristi about it.

As yet, the project is in the air.

The plane climbed to 4,000 feet.

He arrived two days previously.

He has been sick since last Sunday.


The dragons are born in the fire.


Nhan still hasn't forgiven me.

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I'll tell Lorraine myself.

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At ease, soldiers.


The police conducted a search at Takeuchi Smith's house.

I have to go to the airport to meet my family.

He led the defense of Ostyn castle, besieged by the Teutonic knights.

Each person or small group had to build their own boat.

Breakfast will be served.

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Please don't forget to mail this letter.

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Sysko works like an ant.

Do you want to be near Lisa?

Caleb was shot through the heart.

The villagers were offhand with us.

Only the assumption that the reader - I better say: the prospective reader, because for the moment there is not the slightest prospect, that my writing could see the lights of publicity, - unless it miraculously left our endangered fortress Europe and brought a hint of the secrets of our loneliness to those outside; - I beg to be allowed to begin anew: only because I anticipate the wish to be told casually about the who and what of the writer, I send some few notes on my own individuum out before these openings, - of course not without the awareness that exactly by doing so I might provoke doubts in the reader, that he is in the right hands, which is to say: if I, from all my being, am the right man for a task to which maybe the heart pulls me more than any qualifying relation in character.

In the midst of its empty, endless hall of snow was a frozen lake, broken on its surface into a thousand forms; each piece resembled another, from being in itself perfect as a work of art, and in the centre of this lake sat the Snow Queen, when she was at home.

Dewey knew them.

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It's time you faced reality.

That may have been the last one.

Felix is way too old to be doing this.

I'd be devastated.

You have to see this.

Either be as you seem or seem as you are.

How can we buy British goods?


A young man waited in line to see him.


Am I included in the team?

It will soon come out all right.

A feeling came over him that he had seen this house before.


Taro passes for a scholar.


I think my neighbour may have died.