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We are a network of talent professionals, companies and candidates. Our members share qualified applicants they consider but don't hire. We match these pre-vetted, qualified candidates with open positions within the network, invite them to apply, and route them directly into your ATS workflow. And, we do it for free.

Smarter sourcing. Stronger candidates. Faster time to hire.

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Only 15% of candidates are qualified

Stop Sourcing. Start Hiring.

The end of the job board is in sight. Companies spend thousands on sourcing, and are flooded with job board spam. Yet only 15% of applicants are qualified. Even fewer begin the recruiting process. Of those considered, only one is hired.

We have a better way. We recirculate quality candidates who are not hired. A candidate who is passed on at one company is right for another. We make the most of sourcing investments by matching qualified, recirculated candidates to open positions within our network.

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Our self-sustaining community.

With each company that joins our network, more qualified candidates are added to the field of candidates that can be matched. Each also brings more open positions and opportunities for candidates to find their next role. Each match, screening, and hire informs the platform, improving the accuracy of future matches.

TalentShare helps companies share candidates they don't hire
Job seekers track application status with TalentShare

We help companies treat candidates like customers.

Candidates want to know! We make it easy to keep candidates informed as they are shortlisted, interviewed and hired. Our accurate matching algorithm, one-click application, and automated applicant communication increases candidate engagement and protects your brand.

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Integrated with top ATS platforms

We know talent professionals live in the ATS and we don't want to change that. Our deep integration with the leading ATS platforms ensures quality candidates seamlessly drop into the recruiting workflow.

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Talentshare integrates with ATS software like Breezy
Talentshare integrates with ATS software like Greenhouse
Talentshare integrates with ATS software like JazzHR
Talentshare integrates with ATS software like Jobvite
Talentshare integrates with ATS software like SmartRecruiters
Talentshare integrates with ATS software like Workable
Talentshare integrates with ATS software like Lever