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We are a family run independent video game company. Our business started out as a home school project for one of our children, morphed into a passion, and eventually into a start-up.

Our Art Director is a home economist, our President is an out of the home economist, and our Lead Developer still can not drive. 



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Outer Rim Assault

With one foot in the 80's and the other in the current day, this space shooter mixes classic elements with very modern technology. Each alien uses its own AI so that every game is unique. Many hours of fine tuning were used to ensure that your game experience is consistently enjoyable, no matter if you are playing it for the first or thousandth time.



Our games are simple, fun, and designed for everyone. Our focus is on simple, well designed games that will give hours of entertainment to our customers. 

We happily give away our mobile games for free, allowing our customers the choice between supporting our business through ad views or by unlocking premium features for a nominal fee.