We're going to a restaurant for dinner.

I could not possibly finish the work in a few days.

Slavery has been abolished in most parts of the world.

There were no casualties.

I heard that Nancy is really pretty.

I'm the boss.

Have you given Andrea anything to eat or drink?

Maybe she really doesn't have a room of her own?

I showed him the way.

Are you still seeing the same girl?


Money makes the world go round.

We sang, danced and chatted after dinner.

The criminal is not Bob, but his twin brother.

Cathy is from Australia.

The approached timidly.

This is my old bicycle.

We had thought to stay there a couple of weeks.

Stop acting jealous.

I'm a great admirer of your work.

What if the Statue of Liberty was made out of gold?

I learned it from you.


We never talked about that again.

Lukas did something wrong.

You only have to ask for it.

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He was walking down the road one dusky evening.

He drew $100 from his account.

You told me not to lie.

Blayne doesn't like my friends.

This is a book about feelings.

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We'd better warn the others.

I can hardly understand what she says.

Leo is wearing a birthday hat.

All the tickets are sold out.

Needless to say, we were very tired by the end of the day.

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Nicolette was sitting all by himself.

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The shrike can't harm us anymore.

I love Kenneth's hair.

I liked what Julia bought, so I went out and bought one for myself.


I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed our time together.

Let's not worry about it right now.

Did I get you?

To different minds, the same world is a hell, and a heaven.

This book has gone through eight editions.

Her parents can't help worrying about her injuries.

Lately I try for health reasons to go to bed early and to wake up early.

We just weren't good enough.

I reviewed the budget, and decided to cut costs.

Mushrooms are in season now.

I have to find another one.

I'm really not very well.

He's the most handsome man I've ever met.

They went hunting most days of the season.

He managed to pass the examination.


I didn't say Hienz was involved.

Stephen Colbert is a pretty crazy guy.

During his administration a great many new laws were passed.

Which do you like better, cycling or jogging?

Is it white?


It'll take at least another hour to finish writing this report.

He went by me without noticing me.

Where should I put my suitcase?

We think you're doing very well here.

Dan didn't even hear what Linda said.


I can't quit now.

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My heart leapt with joy.

That's not in my bailiwick.

In making a cake, you must use eggs, butter and sugar.

They won't speak to you.

Can you take over the driving for a while?

Milk does not keep long in hot weather.

I made friends with her.

Were these six months of full time studies at your current educational institution (school)?

Ariel owned a small shop in Boston.

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Our chief want in life is somebody who shall make us do what we can.


Terrance is the first human ever to hear stoats singing.

Lance found the basement door was ajar at the vacant house next to his.

I am writing you at the request of a friend.

Well, at least let me set up the table.

How many times do I have to tell you to stop calling me that?

Put the desk against the wall.

Fay didn't have to come here today.

We want what we want.

I'll give you anything you ask for.

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Words cannot express the extent to which you are wrong.

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Everything's OK.

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Many questions remain unanswered.

I informed her of his arrival.

Did Sri see anything?

He is the one who comes after me.

Have you ever memorized the national anthem?

Don't expect me to do it for you. It's your baby.

Let me take you there.

My mum is crazy.

Mahesh lost his only son in a car accident.


Vicki finally woke up.

For as long as Cindy could remember, his parents had been overweight.

They covered the table with a cloth.

It took a long time to take in what she was saying.

Some people never learn.

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The apple harvest will soon come.


Try to make an appointment as soon as possible.

People were gathering in a huge mass.

The Prime Minister admitted that the government's new social security policy probably wouldn't pass the pub test.


Tareq greeted me politely.

I had imagined that the newbies fresh from university would probably be stuck with all the backstage work - collecting reference material, getting copies and such but I couldn't have been proved more wrong.

Believe me, brother, I don't know that I'm a man; I don't feel like one.


She advised him to drink more milk.

She looked very beautiful in her new dress.

The boss strolled around the balcony above the office, observing the workers.

I only bring you tea alone.

Do you have any other books?

What is the probability that at least two students have the same birthday?

You have to get her help us.

He tried hard only to find that he was not fit for the job.

I think we can handle it.

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You could be mistaken.

You seemed to like that.

I love rabbits ... with chips and a good glass of wine.

Arthur and Kieran want to see us.

"Whose earphones are these?" "They are Fatima's."

The shadows were clawing at the door.

I look forward to the summer vacation.

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Let's see what we can do to help.

They like the extreme cold of Alaska.

Don't be like everyone else.


I'll get one.

Without Roxana, Panacea would have no one to turn to.

Extra special treatment is imperative to get the vessel through government red tape, so that she can leave port on time.

Where can I buy that magazine?

He never asked me.

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Malloy is out here.

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Micky's speech was excellent.

John is a porcelain maker.

Del often worries about money.

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A prayer was said over his body.

I told Toerless myself.

She got into hot water when her boyfriend called her at work.

He has an inferiority complex.

I have a bench in my garden; I like to sit outside and enjoy the afternoon sun.

I'll never talk to him again.

She knocked on the door.

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Double, please.

I was simply looking for someone like you.

All the crew left except for Everett.

Manufacturers of weapons should contribute to a fund, from which help organisations can extract for their activities in countries where is war.

I accidentally spilled the milk.

You're wrong in this case.

They're older than her.

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I've been doing some research.


There's almost no milk in the glass.

Sorrel will be there, won't he?

Venkata asked me some questions about Debi.

Speaking your native language is easy, yet boring.

My daughter is still at work.

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Do you know why Ji left Boston?

My mother is a lawyer.

Jeffery escaped from prison about a year ago.

It's definitely a problem.

She wears a girdle.

I was told to help.

You need to get Saiid to change his mind.


You look younger than him.

He may well be proud of his daughter.

My sister and I take turns in cleaning our room.


Am I a liar?

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Oh My God! I left the wallet in my room!