January 26 - 27 | Pelmorex HQ

How It Works

Signing Up and Participating in the Hackathon is easy!  It works like this …


Brainstorm ideas that you are interested in tackling. Submit your ideas below!

Ideas must be submitted by Tuesday January 16th.


Sign Up by Wednesday January 17th.

Your team assignment will be sent on Friday, January 19th.


Prior to the event, meet with your team to come up with your strategy for the two-day extravaganza!


On January 26, attend the Kick-Off Event at 9:00 AM.  Then, proceed to hack away with your group! On Saturday, you will have a chance to demonstrate what you’ve built! There will be judging criteria to decide who wins!


Team 1: displAI
(RTB + Machine Learning)

Bryan Chen
Jaspreet Bassan
Radu Nicolae
Gur Gosal
Lucy Ahn

Team 2: Hello World!
(Music & Weather)

Aryan Ghahremanzadeh
Majid Fekri
David Campbell
Steve Perko

Team 3: AutoMagic
(Driving & Weather)

Zuowei Fu
Scott Dermott
Alex St. George
Bart Chrostowski

Team 4: FarmZoneNG
(FarmZone 2.0)

Sylvia Neill
Shahnaz Ajmeri
Jeannette Seers
Kevin VanDenBreemen
Greg D’Angelo

Team 5: Smarty Pies
(IoT & Weather)

Mike Caparowich
Jen Luo
Anthony Cheung
Nikita Zolotarev

Team 6: Veta
(Machine Learning & Content)

Yohei Yamaguchi
Mike McKenna
Shan Huang
Sarmad Ali
Amer Srivastava

Ideas to Hack and Problems to Solve

Hackathon’s are all about solving problems.  These are all the ideas that you have submitted as problems to solve.  You can submit your own idea by clicking the button below.  All ideas must be submitted by Tuesday, January 16th.

# Idea
Help consumers wake up earlier if the weather is going to impact their day
2Driving Forecast
Help consumers figure out the likelihood/risk their commute will be impacted by the weather
3GP Time Tracking
Do you dread having to log into the Great Plains UI each week to submit your timesheet? Does it take half-an-hour to do something that should take 5 minutes? It would be amazing if we could create a hack that allowed us to enter our time quickly and easily through a mobile app or mobile responsive website that still stored the data in our GP database!
4Office Layout
What would YOU do with the Office Layout in the Pelmorex buildings? Lots of things to think about, and lots of things to keep in mind. What’s optimal for productivity, effeciency, communication, and collaboration?
5CMS Integration Mocking
One of the issues that comes up a lot in automated testing of the web (and other platforms?) is the need to publish or edit content in Tridion in order for the test to function. This reduces the effectiveness of automated tests of the product in two major ways: 1. It reduces the efficiency of test data setup (standup), and 2. It is prone to human error, which can call test results into question A system that could be used to simulate the website's CMS backend would be extremely helpful. It would allow our web team the ability to more quickly turn around on requests for functionality and to test existing functionality with each release.
6"Put on your pants" notification.
I look at weather forecasts just to get an idea what to wear today or tomorrow morning. I do not need all those temperature and wind speed numbers. And I think most people are like me. The idea is to get a notification that I better to have my pants on, instead of shorts, because it is going to be chilly all day long. Or to be able to ask Alexa "What should I wear today?" and hear something like "Definitely the warmest parka you have. And tie graters to your shoes, it is very slippery in the parking lot". The idea it to create a common interface that will give such weather descriptions to all our platforms.
There is an interesting correlation between weather and music. In general, most people tend to listen to happier music when the weather is nice and sadder music when the weather is overcast and rainy but this can vary with location. This proposal is to build an app/website that creates playlists based on the local or seasonal forecast as well as the user's location.
8TWN Road Trip
The Problem: When planning a road trip, it is important to know the weather along the way. i.e. Even if you know the weather is ok at the start and at the destination, there might be bad weather along the way. The Project: A simple interface can allow the user to set the start and end locations. The user will also set the date and time of departure. The software can then give the trip a score e.g. red, orange or green. The system could additionally send a message, text or email in case the score changes. This is the simplest version, a MVP. A lot more sophistication could be built into the software later.
9Insect Report
Problem: As a business, we see less active users during the summer when there is less active weather. As a user, in the summer I want to know how many mosquitoes and black flies I'll encounter during my hiking/camping/etc trip. Solution: Similar to our Pollen Report, create an Insect Report to show insect levels. The Good News: We are already pulling this data! Except we are just sending it to ads - all we need to do is present this existing data nicely to users.
10The Weather Network for Connected Cars
Develop an app that connects the Weather Network with connected cars and tailors specific information to the end user regarding their vehicle and sensors pulled from their vehicle during their trips. With the continual push for innovation in society connected cars will soon become the norm so lets start serving up data tailored to the individual user's car given the data we have already and inputs we receive from different car sensors. For example warnings about preparing car for specific weather alerts could be issued given current car state and expected forecast (ie. Low on fuel alert could be issued if extreme driving conditions are expected to prevent cases of running out of gas while stuck in traffic caused by weather). Not only can we help our users better prepare for the given forecast with tailored outputs, we can enhance our weather data given live data feedback of different car sensors we're interested in. AUTO-magically we can model different driving scenarios around driving. Are the windshield wiper's currently on high intensity for extended period of time? Perhaps we have high intensity precipitation for this given user? In relation to other drivers in the nearby area are other users also using high intensity windshield wipers? No? Perhaps this specific user is driving a car with limited visibility (frost / snow that isn't being cleared out of the way). Perhaps the user could use a reminder to invest in new windshield wipers or better clear their car before driving (reducing their's and others' risk of them driving with limited visibility). Sensors related to traction could be tied to road conditions caused by weather. And so on and so forth!
11Automated weather briefing
An algorithm that takes in some weather indicators and numbers including numerical weather predictions for a certain location and generates a few sentences in human language describing the weather condition and short-term forecast. This can have many potential applications, as response to voice searches, automated messaging and web content, aviation briefing, etc.
12Create a Weather Page Tour
I want to be able to sign into my account and then click a button that will show me each of the pages that I typically visit when I come to the website. (Example: show 7 Days, slowly scrolling down the page, then go to Hourly, scroll through content, then go to 14 Days, scroll through, finish on latest news landing page.)
13Farmzone 2.0
Create a web (mobile first) product to move Farmzone off of the legacy site and onto TWN, including all of the content that Farmers need.
14detecting and solving mobile ad fraud
There are different types mobile-install fraud. Usually fraud happens when marketers' ad didn't reach the intended audience target, but some bots instead. Ad fraud could bring substantial harm to marketers' business. It's estimated that the cost of ad fraud is anywhere from $7.2 billion to $16.4 billion worldwide. The purpose of this idea is to find better ways to detect fraudulent devices/ads in each exchange and each region. And then to find solutions to minimize the loss from the fraud.
15The weather Network Chrome extension
I have noticed that The Weather Network doesn't have any chrome extension in chrome extension store, and the options in chrome extension store is very limited so i am thing about developing a TWN chrome extension to offer up-to-date weather info right in the upper-right conner of your chrome browser. A chrome extension can save you the time to open TWN website or open TWN app when you are about to head home after work. I am also interested in integrating google map api to calculate weather based estimation of the time to head out for bus or train. (For example, when the road is icy, you might need more time to walk to the bus station, but the estimation from google map does not take that into consideration) This will be your life saver during snow day.
16Crowd Sourced Road Condition App
Have an application that allows users to indicate the conditions of the road (ie which roads aren't plowed, which roads are icy). Users would then be able to see which roads are dangerous and be able to avoid them. This then can also be used by the city to know which roads need to be plowed, salted, repaved etc.
17Set my car temperature
Imagine it's snowing outside and you have to leave from work to home. 1. You have to scrape off frozen windshields and clear the snow out!!! 2. Leave the car running for a while so it nice and warm. Wouldn't it be nice if your car can set the temperature and start itself based on the weather forecast?
18Automated Image & News content tags/keywords for improved search
Currently, on TWN mobile apps, there is no way to search for news content or images. A lot of users generated content like images and videos don't have enough tags. Imagine if we can use AI to extract tags and keywords from images and news articles? We can then index these tags/keywords and provide a better search experience!
19$$$ Brightcove video views tracking & mining ones could perform well next
The problem: Missing the opportunity for potentially well performed video is not in the right place at the right time. Videos are important to us. The more video gets viewed, the more pre roll video ads can run and drive $$$. Brightcove analytics API provides a lots of features. This hack and application will be using Brightcove analytics API and programatically return an insights that could be potentially used both web and app.
20Mobile Web 2.0
Would like to work on creating a prototype for a Single Page Application using Node and Angular for our Mobile website. The initial prototype could be a simple application that would show Observation and Short- term data for all locations.
21Pelmorex Performance Centre
Have you ever wanted to get in a quick workout or stretch during your lunch break? Or how about a 15-minute walk or run -- but it's just too cold outside! Introducing the 'Pelmorex Performance Centre'. It's an area designed to keep your mind and body fit and healthy. Fully equipped with exercise bikes, treadmills, a yoga/dance studio and other fitness equipment, it gives employees the opportunity to unwind after a long day or to get an early jump in the morning. It's perfect for our shift workers that may not be able to get to a gym. The Centre can also partner with our Concussion Management team to provide knowledge and information about recovery and rehab.
22Pelmorex Olympics
A 1 or 2-day competition featuring Pelmorex employees competing in different games. Participating employees are split up into teams representing different countries and no team can have more than 2 members from the same department. Events can range from skillful games (foosball, table tennis, mini-putt, trivia) to 'no skill needed' (paper airplane toss, board games) in a tournament style format. Gold, Silver & Bronze awards are given to the winners.
23age and gender prediction
The data we received from mobile apps or exchanges don't always have full information. There are methods to predict age and gender based on historical first party data collected from other devices. But how accuracy the prediction is is hard to test. The purpose of this project is to examine current prediction models to find out whether anything can be done to improve accuracy. Also will try to come up with new theories to better test prediction results.
24Improved 'Feels Like' calculation
Everyone looks at the 'Feels Like' temperature when they look at the weather forecast. But is it really accurate? Well, here how it currently works: If the temperature is below 18C, the algorithms only uses temperature and wind to calculate the windchill value; meanwhile the temperature is above 18C the algorithm uses temperature and humidity to calculate the humidex value. In reality the temperature that you will "Feel Like" outside not only depends on wind and humidity, but also on other factors like whether it is sunny or cloudy outside, on the time of the day (it will feel warmer at noon then at sunset), as well as on time of the year (the sun feels much hotter in June then in December!) This project is to create an elaborate algorithm to have a much more accurate "Feel Like" calculation so that we can 'Nail The Weather'!
25Improved 14 Days Temperature Graph
Our users love to look at charts/graphs. Currently, the 14 Day temperature graph is made up from Day Temperatures (on one line) and Night Temperatures (on a different line). This doesn't really tell a full weather story to the user as they can't really see when these temperatures are occurring and any abnormal temperature trends (for example temperatures falling through the day). This project is to build a 14 Day temperature graph that uses our hourly forecast to show a real temperature trend through the 14 Days
26Pelmorex Smart Blinds
We have a lot of blinds here, with a portion of them not directly near work stations. Using ioT and current weather conditions, we can automate the blinds to close in the summer during really sunny days to minimize the energy usage needed for the Air Conditioning. This would work toward reducing our cabron footprint as well as cutting costs.
27Google Home - Android Smart Things App
Considering the momentum Google has established with Google Home I think there is an opportunity to create an App for their Screen/Display devices that are being released in the spring. Being first to market in this space will be critical, especially in Canada. It's unclear if Google has opened up public app development but there were some Beta integrations announced at CES. We also have a very strong relationship with Google in Canada so we may be able to use that to our advantage. /www.theverge.com/2018/1/8/16859082/lenovo-google-smart-display-features-pricing-ces-2018
Cryptocurrency for the weather... Details pending.



ANYONE!  Every team needs a combination of people – ideas come from everywhere!  Even if you’re not technical, you can still contribute to the team.


We will have up to 50 hackers participating in our event. Each team should be between 3 to 5 people.


That’s completely up to you and your team! You can decide to work the wee hours of the night and morning, or you can go home and get some rest. Heck, maybe you’ll take over a coffee shop nearby to do some hacking?


YES!  Pelmorex will provide breakfast, lunch, and snacks for both Friday and Saturday.


In order to encourage cross-functional teams with multiple disciplines, we will use the information provided on the registration form (i.e. abilities, the problem you want to solve, etc.) to place you on a team.


You can make use of any of the Pelmorex API’s that you currently know and love.


Yes! There will be awards and prizing!


Each hack will be judged based on: