I was on a tour.

I don't understand where I went wrong.

I won't always be around to help you.

I'm glad you guys are still here.

I'm sick.

The politician first made a name for himself as an actor.


I'm having a nice time.

Can you program in C?

I do not feel like drinking beer tonight.


They had to strive against natural calamities for ages.

Toufic is a normal teenager.

Do you believe that the universe began as a small ball of fire?

After ten years as business partners, they decided to part ways.

What would Geoffrey pack?

They're just students.

Varda has been living here since 2013.

I don't want him to come.

It'll take me a long time to do all the things I want to do.

I'm glad that you're glad.

I hope there were some witnesses.

I wish you the best of luck.

I used to work with her.

Belgium is not as large as France.

Today it is on me.

Wasn't that what you intended?

Shall we begin?

I want to buy a coffee maker, I can't drink instant coffee any longer, it's disgusting.

Did Boyce forget to pay?

Sangho went to a nearby convenience store to buy something to eat.

Dan has been arrested at least seven times.

If you manage to translate this sentence without visualizing pink elephants dancing in bikinis, you win a cookie.

Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all others because you were born in it.

He was warned not to be late for school again.

John always tried to live up to the example of Lincoln.

I'm meeting a friend of mine at the store.

If I tried to wear shoes with heels that high, I'd sprain my ankle.

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I'm the teacher.


The whole town was amazed.

We've found him.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who in the land is fairest of all?" And then the mirror would always reply: "You, my queen, are fairest of all."

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Why didn't you eat your chocolate?

I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

2539 is a prime number.

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God has chosen to save only a few individuals.


Rick noticed that Penny seemed to be mad at John.

Kristi swore his undying love to Gregg.

I'm glad you remember.

Where can I get a telephone card?

Please make your reservations promptly.

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The cat is sleeping on the table.

That's wise.

Oliver is too young to apply for the job.

Let her sleep.

Hui doesn't love me.

I feel very tired.

I have a few ideas.

An idiot like Dan has no place on this team.

Wood doesn't grow on trees.


It's better to laugh afterwards than to cry in advance!

I stayed at the hotel, but the others went shopping.

A sinkhole has appeared in the middle of the highway.


By the time you get back, she'll have left.

I may have to help them.

Do you know what day it is?

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Would you fancy a game of Japanese chess?

I must go and find him.

Why don't you just tell Elizabeth you made a mistake?

Liz Lochhead is very nationalist.

Is your husband at home?

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I'm very happy with the result.

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Courtships get interesting when one of the two plays hard to get.

I'm afraid I don't follow.

This isn't about them, is it?

I'll stake my reputation on it.

I don't know where Phiroze keeps his umbrella.


Those started working.

I do agree with Lynn.

We anticipated where the enemy would attack.

An awful accident happened yesterday.

Jefferson remained calm.

I hope that she doesn't blame me for harassing her, particularly since that wasn't my intention.

You might want to have someone look into that matter.

He acted as if he were ill.

Amy sometimes says things he doesn't really believe.

Deirdre is a selfish person.

We would have bought the plane tickets if the price had been a little lower.

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Shall we do something else now?

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We're the first ones to arrive.

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Keep out of reach of children.

You shot Brodie, didn't you?

This is a class action.

She fainted with fear.

Frank had a reputation as a bad boy but he lived it down as he grew up.

Keep in mind that even Job's patience can be lost.

I'm sure of my rights.

What were their orders?

Do I have to insert coins first?

While I run, I stumble.

Sorrel left his kids at home.


I swear that's all I want.


They didn't even know where to go.


She took us all in with her smile.

Have you been talking to him?

Jayesh looked into the car.

Don't you check your voice mail?

This is the first time I've ever crossed a river.

Malaclypse was sitting on the couch alone.

I shouldn't be talking to you.


I'm very sorry about the mistake.

I'm done packing.

Something bit you.


This ladder leads to the roof.

We won't leave anyone here by themselves.

I really hate dairy products.

You might want to consider buying some new tires for your car.

Janet is very energetic, isn't he?


Jayesh poked Pilot in the ribs.


Manuel put down the knife.

She has large breasts.

Kerry dressed like a girl for Halloween.

I got over that.

He lifted his elbow too often.


Now this is your problem, not mine.

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They always say they'll be on time, but they're always late.

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She's five years younger than I am.

Why didn't you call a doctor?

That house is big.

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Nothing is so precious as health.

We lied to you.

I just got here.

I study at a university in Boston.

I've already given Konrad a present.

My sister is a famous singer.

He told me I was pretty.

The father left all his money to his daughters.

Do you know a good film?


Someone stole something from my bag.


Dan didn't even love Linda.

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The ceremony went off well.


If Kate comes, please let me know.

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The only time my son talks to me is when he needs some money.

Just tell Michiel I called.

I arrived in Tokyo at noon.

How did you get them?

I just got back from the post office.

Sometimes I think I'll never be on my own. Both of my parents always seem to need my help.

Go get her medicine and a glass of water.


He is in hospital.

Did you hear a knock?

The traditional way of learning a language may satisfy at most one's sense of duty, but it can hardly serve as a source of joy. Nor will it likely be successful.

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You helped Rajendra, didn't you?


She explained the word.

From here to there there are only a few kilometers.

If a player hit the tree with the ball, it meant that the crops would grow successfully.

The scenery is beautiful beyond description.

Hand washing is one way to control bacteria.


If it were not for this book, I couldn't study.

We've got a boat.

I don't know what has happened to him.

Judging from the look of the sky, it will clear up in the afternoon.

Shanghai is among the largest cities in the world.

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I'm only interested in doing the right thing.