I bid thee a happy voyage to thine abode.

Shamim doesn't allow his son to eat ice cream.


Give it your all, and you won't be sorry later.

It's only a matter of time before Kemal runs into the same trouble we did.

Teresa has been stabbed several times.

I told Tanya Natraj was OK.

Konrad is busy making breakfast for the family.

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I've never done that in a car.

They give out their reactionary cosmopolitanism as "internationalism", they try to cover up their fight against peace and democracy by pacifist and pseudo-democratic phrases.

Take your time. There's no hurry.

I hear about that the network is very popular now.

Experience is not what happens to a person, but what he makes of it.

Dion needs that money.

When are you going back to Italy?


She believes that jade has medicinal properties.

It's only him.

I wanted to show him your book.

I told you it wasn't Shutoku.

Kim smiled sweetly.

His hairdo's out of style.

You'll be all right. I'm sure of it.

That's not what we do.

Antonella never speaks about that.

Somebody called the police.

Stop by whenever you can.


I'd better write that down.

Vernon doesn't look too well.

Her hair came down to her shoulders.

All you have to do is wait.

I'm a single mom.

I've done this kind of thing before.

Buy it, it's very cheap.


But his eyes were blue and bright.

She became engaged to the rich man.

I have got a letter from you.

I am the one.

I loved you very much.

How's this going to end?

It's a bit awkward.

I felt completely out of my element.

Boxers have to weigh in before a fight.

I don't know where I am exactly.

How long are you staying?

Just go back to sleep.

Don't you guys hang out?


The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.

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He contrived a means of speaking to Nancy privately.

We've now been together for nearly three years.

Suzan turned off the TV.

I don't want to tell Carlo I've been to Boston.

I've decided to forgive you.

I was about to have dinner when she called me.

Ginny went shopping at the mall.

Will you please connect me with Mr. Smith?

I contributed.

Don't let it go to your head.

We are made to make mistakes.


Please, remember those words for the rest of your life.

How have you been getting along lately?

Have you heard from your sister lately?

They visited Disneyland, where they enjoyed seeing many kinds of shows.

I'm not guilty! I haven't done anything!

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Amanda meant well.

Why is she so quiet?

I use the room with my sister.

It's a pity that Milo couldn't be here today.

When she woke next morning, very early, it was still dark.


If you haven't the energy to do the washing up, get a dishwasher.

Del doesn't like to talk about his past.

"What's wrong about this one?" "It's too perfect."

You want to grow up to be big and strong like Vince, don't you?

Takayuki was tempted to tell Francis the truth.


An old castle stands on top of the cliff.


Where did you find my keys?

An envelope and a stamp, please.

She asked me how old I was.

I have to prepare for the test.

Sugih was the victim of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The light was on.

Patrick has been treated fairly.

Giggling with embarrassment, she held out the condom.

I was impressed by Konrad's courage.

I want to thank them.

Put on a sweater. If you don't, you'll catch a cold.

Suresh had a bloody nose and got blood on his shirt.

The wind may change direction.

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Bret was fully clothed.

Thanks for the tickets.

Dustin was rescued by forest elves after she had become stranded in the forest.

I drank a glass of milk.

We're all human.

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That was why Graeme screamed.

That really isn't necessary.

I'm sure Frederic will be late.

He slapped my ass.

I've got the documents you asked for.


I suppose I'd better phone Emil.


She came very near to being run over by a car.

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Where can we cross this river?

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My first attempt at a cheesecake tasted horrible.

I could tell he was in low spirits by the look on his face.

I met my classmate.

He rarely gives in, confronted with difficulties.

My sister lives in Boston, hence, I'll likely visit the area.

Can I talk to her alone?

She seldom gives way to tears.

The picture was held on by a pin.

Permission to use the car was accorded to her.


Srivatsan wants me to buy him a pony.

In February I'm coming back to Shanghai.

The squeaking door gave the burglar away.

I'll remember you as long as I live.

They were stuck for hours in a traffic jam.


I don't want to marry you.

He carried on with his work although he was tired.

He goes to work by car.

Gary always forgives Marshall, no matter what she does.

We chose him to be our leader.

Ian spends way too much time playing games.

I'd say no if I were you.

I made a good profit by selling my car.

Did you know there was another Nanda Jackson at this school?

They did a tour of the world!

When I asked whether I might talk with him a moment, he said, "By all means."

Get it, and put it on the fire.

When was this university founded?


This road is of great importance.

There's no way to polish a hedgehog.

I think that's a good plan.

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He is a work horse.

All people are good in the bottom of their hearts.

The driver was thrown from his seat head over heels.

Monkey Bingo is the exciting new way to play bingo.

She visited him on October 20th.

Emily went to her room.

Ric doesn't have a home.


We ascribe his success to hard work.

I put in a good word for my friend at today's meeting.

I don't talk to anyone who's that status-conscious.


"Why did you try to escape from me? I brought you into this world and I could just as easily take you out of it." "You can't tell me what to do. I am my own freaking boss, I play by my own freaking rules. I take instructions from nobody, not even the enclosed instruction book."

Don't be so greedy.

We're really touched.

By using Tatoeba one learns languages.

Who painted this picture?

I want to be safe.

You see some trees in front of the school.

Evan may use my video camera if he wants to.

Leif decided to put the whole torrid affair down to experience.

Laurianne told Slartibartfast the joke I told him.

I hope you realize that I'm putting my reputation on the line by helping you.

The story was full of marvelous happenings.

I wouldn't want you to get the wrong impression about me.

The bear ran after me.

Even a little boy knows this.

I haven't read the comments yet.

Let me say goodbye to them.

Kevan was able to hear the music from nightclub down the street.

"To be honest," said Dima. "I really can't remember who they were..."

Aqua expresses the colour of clear water, it is a bright, and light, blue.

I don't understand how could I have made such a mistake.

I've never been under this much pressure before.

I don't like big desk lamps.

Niall has a good grasp of grammar, but is weak in spelling.

They have studied here for six months.

Micheal crossed his legs.

Few farms had electricity.

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You've got better things to do.

Wendi is covering up for me.

The time has come for mankind to put an end to the madness and immorality of the arms race.


We Japanese come of age at twenty.

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Let's make it three.


Teri said he had no reason to stay.