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Irritating, isn't it?

Formerly, this city was beautiful.

She will not be beholden to special interests.

Have you spoken to her?

Marco has been very good to me.

She feels hurt.

You are more beautiful than any woman I've ever known.

One way to lower the number of errors in the Tatoeba Corpus would be to encourage people to only translate into their native languages instead of visa versa.

I like Myrick a lot more than you.

Lenora is a charmer.

I myself didn't have to go and meet him there.

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Pieter wouldn't let me into his room.

She beat the cream for dessert.

This time, although I'm more experienced, there's nobody waiting to meet me.

I came to get an appointment.

Where's my bike?


It's been a while now and my hiccups still haven't stopped.

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Maybe that's the reason why Ravindran isn't here today.

A ball hit her on the right leg.

He withdrew in my favour.

I heard footsteps.

She hardly talks at all.

It's probably too late to worry about that now.

That's the exact amount.

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They settled in Canada.

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I'll roast meat.

This bus goes to the Matsuyama station, right?

I want you to be prepared.


No one will know I'm here.

There's no cure for death.

They're reading his book.


Dan survived with minor injuries.


Brooke appeared to be crying.

"I certainly hope so." replied Sonny.

The news may be true.


Loukas doesn't know how to use a snorkel.

Corey won't go to prison.

You understand why, don't you?

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She blushed deeply.

Open a book and it will open your soul.

He dropped in to see us.


This is the best thing since sliced bread! I don't know what the best thing was before sliced bread, however.

Antonella knows how much I love him.

Naked boys were swimming in the river.

Marvin didn't know what language Nelken's friends were speaking, but he thought it might be French.

It's not an evil idea, but it is a bad one.

I repaired the clock, it is now in order.

I'm too cheap to play anything but homebrew PC games.

Ragnar asked me to buy a case of beer.

You seem to know a lot about it.

She spoke with a soft voice.

I think it is necessary for us to go there.


We're here to save lives.

Nathaniel is just blowing smoke up your ass.

The art dealer guaranteed the picture genuine.

I like when he speaks to me, regardless of what he tries to say; I like the simple fact that he wants to talk to me about something.

I'm going to go buy some materials today.


She wore a loose jacket.


Never turn your back on her.

I saw your progress about your dentist career and I'm really happy for you!

Heat is a form of energy.

Kris climbed out the window.

I can't account for his absence.

I have never been to Paris.

It happened at some point in midwinter.


I'll buy the wine and the apple juice.

I'll buy you whatever clothes you want.

He is the tallest boy.

I am a journalist.

The Greeks made theoretical models of geometry.

I gave Kemal your address.

I don't care anymore.

Go get the rest of the prisoners.

Oh! I know this man!

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Albania wants to join the European Union.

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My wife is crying a river of tears because Queen Elizabeth II has passed away.

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We must alter our plan.

Yes, I understand you well.

We gave it to the man.

You did warn Corey, didn't you?

If you forgive those who sin against you, your heavenly Father will forgive you. But if you refuse to forgive others, your Father will not forgive your sins.

Would you like to try?

You left your keys in the door.

Rodent's oldest daughter isn't married.

Idiot... You got water in your brain or something?

We're just here to help.

Come in and sit down.


I can teach you how to repair a computer.

If you hear the alarm, walk, don't run.

I've got this under control.

It had better work.

I'm not hungry anymore.

There is little to comment.

That's Srinivasan.


We wish we didn't have to take a test in English.

Some people claim to know everything.

I wish winter vacation would never end.

My wife used to stay home, but she works now.

Does he have general common sense?


Red and blue lights started flashing in the rearview mirror.


Give it to my dog. He'll eat anything.

Anatoly needs to talk to a lawyer.

The army was unexpectedly attacked.

He has nothing to complain about.

I saw her pulling the petals off a flower one by one.


She studies philosophy at the country's most prestigious university.

These are ours.

I think Naresh felt exactly the same way.

We've already discussed that.

He knows very well how to deceive people.


There are a lot of places to visit in Boston.


My apartment is messy and cluttered.

I'm no quitter.

Seth doesn't know why Alan isn't at school.


I'm a ghost.

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Gil is a traitor.


Buses run between the station and the airport.

Shall we start studying?

Morris, why don't you help your brother?

Do you want people to think you're weak?

I knew what Marie wanted.

What makes you think we need to do that?

We're not going to be afraid.


Is it OK to feed my dog the same thing that I feed my cat?


Can you show me how to tie a tie?

We don't like this house.

I don't know those answers.

Are you sure you're not angry?

I found her mother dead.

She advised him to take a long holiday.

This rule is applied to foreigners only.


Two children were playing on the road.

Search every room.

Everyone admired his courage.

Dan harassed Linda with continuous calls.

Dan didn't even give Linda a chance to explain.

Why are you biting your nails?

The table at which I dined was close to the window.

How many kilometers is it from here to the train station?

They've been at it for hours.

We cannot speak too highly of his great achievements.

I never expected to see you again.


I asked Kees to tell me the secret, but he wouldn't.

How many plates do we have?

Could you come up here for a second?

It's a time bomb.

Jeffrey decided to go on a diet and lose some weight.

When will the Japanese classes start?

What he says is not true.

I had met him once before.

I gained comprehensive knowledge of God after reading the bible.


Mr. Obama wants to move to Tokyo from Osaka.

I'd like to stay in a Western-style hotel.

Marcel was happy for a time.

We all loved him.

Marshall wants to have nothing further to do with you.


I think that I didn't do anything wrong.

The current socioeconomic system is made-up.

I talked to him again.

Linder claims to have psychic powers.

The novel was adapted for a film.

You'd better leave.

He is a methodical person.

There's more than one way to skin a cat.

I am not as tall as he.