That is a good place to live.

The bad smell disgusted us.

The light is on.

A glass of orange juice refreshed me.

Andorra la Vella is the capital of Andorra.

The theater used to open up at dawn.


Did you tell Monica about tonight's party?


The hall was jammed with people.

Wawrinka got broken to love in the opening game of the third set.

How can you forget?

I'm not going anywhere with you.

Of course, I remember them.

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I guess you know who I am talking about.


Find out what you can about Ram.

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That was an unkind remark.

I had to lie again.

Why did you get up so early?

Let somebody else hire her.

We've got patients to see.

May I be excused for a minute?

This way, please.

You arrive soon, don't you?

It's not an easy sport.


Spring will come soon.


I told you to keep that to yourself.

Don't get your hopes up.

Give me my bag.

I'm doing a good job, aren't I?

I'm the only one who can help Jose right now.

How am I even going to buy this?

I need a hot chocolate.

Gene is the only trumpet player I know.

Vickie has been in love with you ever since you were kids.

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Two great civilizations slowly fell into decay.

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But you know it's all in Japanese.

I now live in Boston in the US, but I plan to go back to Japan before the end of the year.

Mitchell was unable to take his eyes off of Gigi.


They had me waiting for over half an hour.

He seems kind.

I haven't said no yet.

You will have to be responsible for what you've done.

People around here don't have many opportunities to swim.

I didn't know that I had to do that.

Something weird's going on.

This computer is superior to that one.

I'd like to see my son.

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Don't ask Sandy any questions about what happened.

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Pierce is a bit of a sissy.


Boyd says Lord still needs help.


Many politicians are believed to accept hush money.

The main crop of Japan is rice.

My father has a lot of books.


They put all the boys together.


I'll do anything I can for Timothy.


I gave them your address.

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Bradford sat on the beach thinking about all the happy times she'd shared with Rik.

Matti didn't expect that answer.

I see a white lion.

She asked him why he was crying, but he didn't answer.

There are 40 students in my class.


My boss invited me to dinner.

I have a desire to go to England.

Could you teach me your language?

His leg will prevent him from participating in a tennis tournament.

If all goes according to plan, I should be back home again tomorrow night.

Prices are still high.

He took out some coins.

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Sam has already done his homework.

It is believed that Helge is good at tennis.

Lincoln arrived at Gettysburg at sundown.

Amedeo will help whoever asks him to help.

He didn't die in vain.

It's up to you to make a choice.

I'm expecting a customer today.


Seldom does a loan come home laughing.

Studying three hours a week wouldn't be enough to learn a language well.

I guess you're right.

We're looking forward to seeing you again.

Did he have his trousers pressed?

Celia wants to become a surgeon.

I wish I hadn't gone there by myself.


They can't all be bad.

They dug through mud and wet clay.

They drove to the station by car.


She gave us a dubious answer.


Do you know Danny's blood type?


Raymond seems a lot happier now that he's found a new job.


Why don't you trust us?

We need to take a break from each other.

I heard about you and him.

Please tell me what Maureen said.

We didn't need any help.


The house belongs to him.

I know Takeuchi is happy.

Some people have trouble getting their dogs to eat dog food.

You don't have to go in there.

At a certain point, if you still have your marbles and are not faced with serious financial challenges, you have a chance to put your house in order.

There were animals in the farm.

I like that dog.

I had no visitor today.

You're poisoning me.

The system benefits a small group at the expense of the sacrifice of the rest.

He went on doing it.

Real can't take it.

I'd really rather go alone.

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I've always wanted to try to learn French.

Fay will find a place to live soon enough.

Kristin has been kicked out of school.


Tell me something about him.

The stories written by Amy Church are all interesting.

I know him but he doesn't know me.


I will miss you.

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Before we get started, I'd just like to say a few words about how important this job is.


I take my clothes to the cleaner's twice a month.

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There is no such thing as a thornless rose.

Have you heard about what happened in Boston?

We're proud of that.

Dan lived a life of luxury in London.

Who is the tall guy with long dark hair playing the guitar?

Matthieu asked us to help him.

Maarten was goofing around.

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I don't want to hear this.


Where were you born?

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What do you want me to do about it?


Stevan is the name of my black tomcat.

The visitors are to come on the 18th and leave on the 20th.

Hughes closed the drawer and locked it.


They're not telling us the truth.

I asked Alf to confirm my findings.

We love you so much.


The town has many narrow lanes.

To begin. There is the ordinary Brown Shark, or sea-attorney, so called by sailors.

Surya was arrested for shoplifting.

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I wonder when Phiroze is going to get here.


Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon for the first time in July 1969.

Cynthia doesn't really care what I think.

Grandfather has caught a cold.

It may not be clean, but you won't get sick from eating it.

Louiqa treats me very nice.

I'd like to eat breakfast with you.

Lincoln set out to abolish slavery in the United States.

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All the parking lots were full.


Tyrannical governments frequently imprison their political opponents.

Can't you vacuum later?

I thought about getting a tattoo, but I gave up on that thought.

Long live the Persian language!

The neighborhood has been gentrified. Now it's teeming with pretend hipsters slurping skinny lattes at Starbucks. They gather round coffee and free Wi-Fi like bees round a honeypot.

I saw him talking on the phone.

No one objected.

The longer I live, the smarter I get.

Mats has lots of money.


I think it will be hot today.

Teresa scratched the back of his neck nervously.

I never meant to deceive you.

What would you do if the world were to come to an end tomorrow?

Where there is the major, the minor becomes neglected.