Andries didn't meet anyone.


I'm going to finish what I started.

They're both wearing uniforms.

My daughter is to get married in June.

When did Win find out?

FEN does not carry domestic news.

I saw her die.

I didn't know where to begin.

I climbed Mt. Aso.

I'd like a double for four nights from tonight for about fifty dollars a night.

You're just being ridiculous.

Gigi pressed the button, but nothing happened.

You always were one of my best students.

Has he failed again?

Jef bought some land near Boston.

Phosphorus provides nourishment for cyanobacteria (blue algae) which multiply and release toxins.

The Acropolis' staircase had 60 steps.

Geoff doesn't let me do anything.

Please don't force me to eat that.

Why are people afraid of her?

All I ate was bananas.

They need money.

I couldn't even feed myself.

Who did Mother Teresa help?

Fletcher said you wanted to talk to me.

I don't mind if I do!

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I have lots of friends I can talk things over with.


Noemi came out of the bathroom with only a towel on.

Let's hope you're wrong about this.

I'm reading things like famous novels which have been rewritten in simplified French.

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The results were appalling.

My computer has crashed.

The word lends itself to beginners.

In our wide world, there exist countless lifestyles, languages and cultures.

I was trying to tell him what had really happened, but he cut me short.


Crowning toddler beauty pageant queens is Mr. Fredericksen's passion.

You mustn't reveal Jacob's secrets.

I will return to the house before dark.

You've got to take chances.

I don't want Skeeter to come.

Roland sleeps with the light on.

Dan keeps a huge ugly hairy spider in his room.


Susanne tried to hide his annoyance.

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His explanation really isn't clear.

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The constitution was amended so that women could vote.

That's one of the perks of being the manager.

Which of them do you prefer?


No man escapes death.

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Generally speaking, savings are increasing.


We can't confirm that Canadians were involved.


You take me for a sucker, don't you?

Jarl suddenly stopped smiling.

Do you often listen to audiobooks?

Stevan looked at the clock on the wall.

She's ambitious and talented.

I tried to give her some money, but she wouldn't take any.

Barney showed Tiefenthal a lot of his pictures.

She appears to have many friends.

How glad I am!

Some people consider Led Zeppelin the greatest band ever.

Tell me something that'll help me.


Sanjeev is going to be exhausted.

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Nichael doesn't like clubs where there is loud music.

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He will also go.

His daughter ran back to her room.

I'm glad that I didn't eat the food that made you sick.

Indeed, sir! Who is the first?

They're a brass quintet.

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My brother is big enough to travel alone.

I met Bruno in front of the store.

Lonhyn's hardly likely to admit that he's wrong.

I'm getting so tired of you harassing me all the time.

I found a strange object lying on the road.


I read the play aloud so that I could memorize all the lines.

Hiroyuki has psychic abilities.

The sword is banded with steel to make it stronger.

You weren't home last night when I came to visit.

Sometimes, it feels like the streets are always under construction.

We talked about everything.

Medical science is always on the march.


He's not afraid of political correctness.

She told a tale.

I want to work there.

I've always hoped to sail across the Pacific in a yacht.

I'd like to dance with you.


The reduction in obstetricians and gynecologists is a reflection of the decrease in births, thus reducing need for medical care.

I don't want you to quit the team.

Is there anything else you'd like?

It's a crime against humanity.

You'll see the store on your left.

I hate liars.

I don't like to post photos on Facebook.

Decide if being formal or informal before starting to write.

I'd appreciate it if you sent me your latest catalog.


Who owns this house?


I love being alone.

I'm feeling fit.

She said she was a pianist, but that was a lie.

He loves soccer.

One should always be careful in talking about one's finances.

Two tears fell down her cheeks.

It was a great day.

I don't want things to change.

At last, she gave in to him and told him the secret.

I know that I am near death.

The patient is getting worse from one day to the next.

The Mexican government announced the banning of all imports of second-hand cars, except for 1998 models.

She stood in the middle of the room.

No time-wasters.

She is throwing away the old newspapers.


I didn't sleep a wink.

That's exactly what I want to know.

I can remember when you were just a little boy.

What do you want to eat for lunch?

Favoring one gender over another won't win you any friends here.


He's a wheeler-dealer.

Too many trees deprive a house of light.

I just got a text from Don.


I'm completely soaked from the rain. Can you drive over and pick me up right now?

Do you remember the town in which he was born?

Alastair has beautiful blue eyes.

I have lost my umbrella.

Please stay here.

We weren't all that hungry.

I want you to see her.

We have a plan.

I'd like a room in the corner of the building.


It is better to take your time than to hurry and make mistakes.

Why did Link have to go missing?

I said I think I found something.

I'm going to ride him until he dehydrates through ejaculating.

I do not like to take on any more work.

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Nothing is being thrown away.

Musical talent can be developed if it's properly trained.

Everett will always be remembered.


It has been raining on and off since morning.

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Put that in the cupboard.

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The exhibition will be open for a month.

Dieter is going to be a father soon.

It's impossible to cross the river by swimming. It's too wide!

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Eduardo is out of the country.

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Linda hung up the phone and started crying.

I'm not going to drag their suitcases around.

They captured Rome in June of 1944.

You didn't say yes, did you?

You still haven't told me where you live.

I forgot just how clever you can be.

Sales at the company zoomed thanks to brisk export demand, but profit did not keep up because of intense competition.

Himawan likes most of his teachers.

Gigi works at our Boston office.

First, remove the burrs.

I'm going to hang out with Vidhyanath.

Please hold a moment. I will see if he is back.

The sign indicates the location of the escalator.

What position do you hold?

Do you want to go out dancing with me on Saturday night?

I'll help you wash the car.

He was walking down the road one dusky evening.


Why didn't Honzo come back?

Where would you like us to put these supplies?

Briggs certainly didn't vote for her.

He loved the change.

I have dual citizenship.


Raise your left arm.

Clara gave Eduardo the key to his apartment.

Do we have to have our cat spayed?