Roxana is a resident of Boston.

Dan was a very caring father.

Can you breathe?

They are my cousins.


Have you told her mother?


He has finally jumped the shark.

How many nights will you stay?

She promised to meet him last night, but she never showed up.

You are seeing a man.

Pamela is still in the cave.

The woodpecker is feeding its mate.

This is the fruit of his imagination.

Graham did a terrific job.

Mikey advertised his saxophone for sale.

Al was very abusive towards his children.

I'm supposed to be the one helping you.


We never say goodbye to each other.


I thought you could handle them.

She was rather afraid of the strange old woman.

Rape is a horrible crime.

You made that difficult.

Mariou's mean.

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You're very clever, aren't you?


Is there something you aren't telling us?

He backed abruptly away.

I hope you have a successful performance.

Konrad left his hat in my room.

Do you like to do homework?


Everyone was numb.

Oranges contain a lot of vitamin C.

You don't understand business.

She became a teacher when she was twenty.

I'll call you when I need you.

I'm a little worried about her.

Pam gets a haircut about three times a year.


You must be seen by a doctor.


The touching episode came home to me.

Marty has a beautiful wife.

I wanted you to keep that.

Would you mind your own business?

Marie is playing you for a fool.

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I'm going to try to lose some weight.

The pot was mine.

The four seasons are: Spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Punctuation helps to show grammatical relationships and, at least in English, is also used to indicate intonation.

I found a solution, but I found it so fast that it can't be the right solution.

The size of the carpet is 120 by 160 centimeters.

When will I be able to talk to Urs?

Ask Paola where he put his keys.

Nixon was about to become president.

The heavens do not create men that are more than men, nor do they create men that are less than men.

Teacher Wang is drinking the Longjing tea (he) brought from China.

The purple bicycle costs less than the yellow.

The dog's attempts to climb the tree after the cat came to nothing.


As so often happens in localization, part of the original meaning of the game was lost.


His grey and lifeless eyes burned like two hot coals.

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I haven't heard from him for a long time.


The sound is coming from over there.

Spring is an enjoyable season.

Now, wait a minute.

She's a farm worker.

If you were to ask your banker where he invests his money, you would also have to ask your dentist to open his mouth so you could examine his teeth.

Do you want to see a trick?

Change is good, even though it's sometimes painful.

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You don't have to hang around if you don't want to.

We can't send you out there.

You have to appear in person.

Would you cut that crap out? I'm not in the mood for fun and games.

No matter how hard you try, you won't be able to do it.

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I should've told him.


I've got a huge problem.

It'll be okay.

Do you mean that you don't want me to come?

I hear you know how to speak French.

This is a dangerous thing.

He is not less bright than his brother.

Tomas doesn't care how Rajeev dresses.


Connie studied French for a while.

I shower every night.

Julianto will find out the truth.

Someone's shouted my name.

The problem is that solar energy just costs too much.


Do you have a husband?

I like rice more than I like bread.

Bill was sent to live with his grandparents while his mother studied to become a nurse.


She's healthy and fit.

I've come to see them.

Lin waved at Phiroze.

What's the answer to my question?

Did you get a haircut?


If you need advice, don't hesitate to ask for it.

Kiki desperately needed that.

A man should either be bald or have long hair!

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They established settlements in Africa.

Darryl is doing everything he can to help.

Would you please lend me some money?


That still doesn't solve the problem.


Ixtli has a lovely face.


What does seem clear is that we need to spend more money on this project.

I think Daryl is at least partially to blame.

Sometimes the silence is more talkative than the speech.

I hope to see you again some day.

I wish it was Valentine's Day!

That broken vase is my grandfather's.

It is wrong to make fun of an old man.

Sean called me stupid.

Then an argument developed between some of John's disciples and a certain Jew about purification.

I'm thinking about going back into teaching.

Bert rolled the dice.

Thank you for granting me permission.

We've been together three years.


I had to do everything alone.


I just want to get some sleep.

Did Donne tell Judy when John would be arriving?

I'm sure Honzo is going to be all right.

He is familiar with Japanese culture.

I see a rose.


Nils is unrelenting, isn't he?

I've lost even my cell phone!

Rick will go as well.

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Thanks for your business.

In her misery, Emil looked to her husband for help.

My parents were surprised to hear the news.


Japan is called "Nippon" in Japanese.

Words are cheap. The biggest thing you can say is 'elephant'.

Open this door right now!

Hailing a cab in Manhattan at 5:00 p.m. is nearly impossible.

She's fond of inviting close friends to her house.

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It was a little too muggy for spring.

There was a lot of talk lately about the architecture of the new school.

I can't condone what you did.


Taking everything into consideration, he bought the car.

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It's too warm in here.

I'm learning Esperanto.

She died after she had been ill for a long time.

She poured the milk into a bowl.

Shamim loves this.

Who ate my cake that I'd put in the fridge?

I don't like big desk lamps.

Alexis wanted to test Boyce.

Somehow you must find a way to finish this work in one month.


The house only needs minor repairs.

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Nobody visits them.

I really don't understand this problem.

They can't give me what I want.

Mr. Smith is cleaning his room.

How wonderful would the world be if everybody were me!

He took out his handkerchief.

He came to suddenly.

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What is that building whose door is painted white?

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Make sure that all of you arrive at nine.

It seemed like a game to Donn.

All I want is directions.

Gene leaned back in his swivel chair.

There's no one here who can translate these documents.

You're not anything like him.

Would you mind if I swam in your pool?

Do you remember what you told me?

There was complete silence.

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I think it might be raining.

I have a few questions about Christina's operation.

Siegurd isn't very young.