The train is 10 minutes late today.

Wilmer wanted to know where Valerie had been.

This will only take a minute.

He's a former student of mine.

We should leave.

Many relatives came to the confirmation.

Vernon has been to Boston.

Please get in touch with me as soon as you get to Boston.

I could eat this for every meal.

We want to come back.

Jorge pretended that he didn't know about what had happened.

I prefer this book to that one.

He knows he did something wrong.

How many women do you know that are managers with high levels of responsibility in Italian companies, public or private?

She is wearing a hat.

Stephe drinks quite a bit.

Have you ever greeted the small peach tree in German?

The world turns around sex, money and drugs.


The budget was cut to the bone.

That won't do us much good.

What was she doing in her room?


Expecting time to find her child, she sat up till late at night.


The night is upon us.

Somebody took a shot at Dirk.

I already told him.

Albert tried to protect me.

Don't tell me you dated Delbert.

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Left to himself, the child would feel very lonely.

The law is the law.

Elizabeth was slouched in a chair.


He had just come home when I called.


I need to find out what happened to Tommy.

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Ginny has to pay for everything.


I think he is a doctor.

When was the last time you jumped of joy?

Evelyn must've been the one who added Peter's name to the list.

Lift with the legs, not with the back.

You said we were going shopping.

What do you think of his idea?

Don't stay around here.

Present company excluded, of course.

How many kids do you have?

He seeks fame and wealth.

To plan one's time properly is a recipe of a successful man, to plan it reasonably is that of a sage.


We've got to go and help them.

Such an economic program will help the rich at the expense of the poor.

Gigi has plenty of time.

It was all for nothing.

She has got there just in time.

As the lily among thorns, so is my love among the daughters.

He is known to everyone in the village.

What do you want next?

It is not tea but coffee that I want.

I'm sure Hank wouldn't let that happen.

I know I should have said something, but I didn't know what to say.


What is it that you wish?


Jerry is ready to forgive Patty.

Peter appeared and shot John.

I feel the hunger of a 1000 devils.

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There are no classes today.

Don't make me stay.

Does this make me look fat?


This textbook has a lot of notes.

Deirdre didn't have dinner last night.

Their finest moment is their last appearance on stage.

Finders keepers, losers weepers.

He drove onto the mine and his jeep exploded.

There will be some surprises.

I would like to hire a car.

Stanislaw talked.

Time is up. Hand in your papers.

The dominance of English is killing the European dialogue.

We don't know what it is, but we know what it isn't.

Are you sure you aren't cold?

How can I forget those days?


I go there as often as I can.

Antibiotics can't kill viruses.

I just got back to Boston.

She used to enjoy being with him.

Next year we'll recur to this issue.

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You can't go home until 2:30.

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Money comes and goes.

Luke wanted to play tennis yesterday afternoon.

I want to go horseback riding.


Either he or I am to attend the meeting.


Elbrus is Europe's highest mountain.

If more people had voted, we would have won the election.

It is no use quarreling with grown-ups.


"Call up" is a phrase that means to telephone.


The Web is a big junkyard.


Who is Emily?

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This would be a good place to raise kids.


You're excused.

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Socorrito was raised by his grandparents.

My watch broke.

I told Ronni I already knew.


Come here a second.


He grew up to be a college football player.

My sister did not say "Hello".

That was being sold at a dollar store.

I can't tell her that.

You've been quite helpful.


She's in the pocket of big corporations.

I need an analgesic.

My shoelace got caught in the escalator.

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She prides herself on her beauty.

We're not here to buy anything.

The employees would soon be given the ax by the company.


Elisabeth climbed the ladder.

That's something I would never do.

He endeavored in order to do his duty.

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She can speak not only English but also French.

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We received a large package.


Penicillin has contributed much to the welfare of mankind.

I have things to take care of.

They relaxed on the beach.

I don't think I can make it to your party.

Prakash always looks busy.

He is screaming a lot.

The reception isn't good.


I don't know. You'll have to ask.

I'm not a bad mother, just a busy one.

I oiled my bicycle.

The number one reason why friends dump their friends on Facebook is too many useless posts.

We know very well what our chances are.

I saw him take out something like a pot from the box.

The woman reads English.

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I quit my job the day before yesterday.

Please don't feed the monkey.

Moore looked at the ground.

My wife left me a surprise.

I go to school with him.

I can't imagine life without music.

He promised himself he would again be governor.


First, let's talk about Isabelle.

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This dish is more delicious than that one.

Scientists may have to reexamine their conventional theories about one of the most mysterious and disgusting substances in the universe: cold, old coffee.

I was expecting her to be here.


Graham told me he was going to Boston.


Where are those posters now?

How did you hear about that?

It wasn't the mark that he was expecting.

A standard 12 oz can of cola contains 1.38 oz of sugar.

I always crammed for my tests overnight when I was a student.


Unfortunately those beautiful words are not my own.

Father doesn't allow me to drive.

This noise is something which I refuse to put up with.

He couldn't check his anger.

Great progress has been made.


People seemed to be anxious about the future.

These are our children.

She cares a lot about clothes.


The superior gratification derived from the use and contemplation of costly and supposedly beautiful products is, commonly, in great measure a gratification of our sense of costliness masquerading under the name of beauty.

This movie is fun.

Why are you picking on me?

I still need to check with him.

Just don't tell him I sent you.

We didn't choose them.

It's been ten years since we last met.