They go to movies together.


This book is too expensive. I can't afford to buy it.

George punched somebody.

You just killed me.

Julie has everything he needs to do the job.

Tahsin wants a lawyer.

We just want to buy enough for three people.

I didn't know that soccer was such a dangerous sport.

Why do you not like Polly?

My mother opened the door very carefully.

I am not accustomed to such treatment.

She hardly ate anything.

Take an umbrella with you in case it begins to rain.

This desk is designed for children.

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She's kind of shy.

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To think means to compare.

I wash my clothes.

We tied with the other team for first place.

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We became best friends immediately.

It has been three years since Bob started his own business.

I don't see anything special.


Nigel doesn't speak French very well.

I don't want to go back to school. I wish summer vacation would never end.

She lied to you.

Do not change your mind, whatever happens.

I'll call back at four o'clock.

I don't recognize it.

We shouldn't have gone there.

I told them to wait over there.

The pan is used for frying.

Everyone knows I'm Naren's girlfriend.

I am going to pick up my brother from school.

They looked down on him.

She has eight dogs. That's quite a few.

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She doesn't love me anymore.

How's it coming?

I'm not going to tell them that.

Youth is all in the heart.

Amanda is going to lose.


Bucharest is the capital of Romania.


You should not go there.

Let's not forget the real reason we're here.

We're in good hands.

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Whose is the book on the desk?

He was destined to become a simultaneous interpreter.

Tomorrow will be no different than today.


I go to bed about ten.

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However hard it may rain, we will start tomorrow.

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Step on the scale.

I'm going to cut right to the chase.

According to what she said, he's culpable.

You can't escape from reality.

I study psychology.

I cut up all but one of my credit cards.

I wish I could live in a house like this.


You're not dead yet.

Who was that?

The sand was so hot that it burned our feet.


Whose beer is this?

I have something else to do.

The heavy snow kept us from going out.

Phill has told you about what happened, hasn't he?

Irvin sat cross-legged in the dark.

You've got to let me go home.

Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are.


Everyone's watching.

June wants my help.

Your dress is unsuitable for the occasion.


Send it to the address I gave you.


I'm studying French at home.


He was very much frightened at the sight of the big snake.

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They intend to get married tomorrow.

We won.

I made fun of Owen's accent.

Your approval is important to me.

Leigh sat at his desk working.

It cost a lot more than I thought it would.

When I came he was still lying in bed.

We did write to you.

My throat hurts when I swallow.


I had a very nice time.

Whoever comes, tell him I'm out.

Clarissa is coming here to help us, isn't he?

It's time to get up.

Where did you get that?

Do you think it's safe for me to go outside now?

I don't understand what that means.

Tell me your address.

How large was it?


I'm going to call her.

We're not doing anything.

You do look a lot like Rudolph.

Henry felt bad.

The two are not in the same category.


We'll look after her.


I have no strength to lift this stone.

She's good at what she does.

Kristin has trouble making himself understood in French.

That was because my watch was five minutes slow.

They ring the bell at eight.

Hy seems to find that annoying.

They were after us.

He did poorly in his studies.

You listen more to what this charlatan says than to what the doctor says.

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I know all your songs by heart.

This tree is more than a century old.

Every house of devotion should become a school of science.

They had no house in which to live.

He asked me where my uncle lived.

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It's always worth a try.

Dan's lease expired.

Christofer looked for his name on the list.


Dominick doesn't really understand how I feel.


I'm not ready to do that.

The door opened suddenly.

It's no fun to lose.

Can you help, please?

Martyn is a polite boy.

It is very dangerous for children to play on the street.

We don't have anything to eat.

You must make allowance for his inexperience.

He headed for the door at full speed.

Murray knew Ann would come.

Your wish is a command for me.

I took my umbrella for fear of rain.

She goes to the supermarket once a week.

Don't let him scare you.

What makes it so hard to do that?

However, in China, they don't use a word for "human rights," but instead express it as "fundamental rights".

We should judge matters on a broader basis.


You're supposed to be in bed.

That's because there weren't any large carnivores in New Guinea.

I was supposed to do the dishes. My mother will skin me alive.

He got the lady some water.

It was a perfect day.


I never meant to put you in any danger.

The outdoor concert was canceled due to the storm.

He brags about owning an expensive car.


Sometimes it's not so simple.

Kitty intends to visit Jared on Monday.

Denis couldn't fall asleep so he got up and took a walk.

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The curtains were all open.


After the bailiff repossessed Deb's house, he was forced to doss down at a homeless shelter.

Don't you have anything smaller than that?

This is a good place to build a sand castle.

It needs new batteries.

You won't believe what I found.

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The young girl burst into tears.

He is likely to win the scholarship.

Read it once more.

The guests are sleeping in this room.

I've come to bring her a gift.

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I can't tell you now.

Dick found a meteorite.

We don't drink milk.

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I think you may have overlooked something.

Takayuki walked back to his hotel.

We felt dead from the five-hour trip.


Near-death experiences have a noetic quality.


I'm not like Ricky.

He isn't able to do that.

Oh, sure, I studied English in my school days. But it wasn't until two or three years ago that I really started taking it seriously.