Search engine rankings can make or break a website. But did you know that the leading search engines, including Google, can introduce accidental restrictions which can trigger a collapse in your site's hard-earned rankings?

Worse still, it's up to you to find out if you've been penalized as they don't even bother to let you know.

More worryingly, some leading search engines are loath to admit that they impose such penalties.

And if you have been penalized, they make it virtually impossible for you to find out what sort of penalty has been imposed on your site, and why.

This means your site's success or failure is determined by obscure forces that only the search engines can understand.

We say it's time for website owners to speak up and demand the leading search engines allow us to know if we have faced a penalty and, if so, what we can do to quickly put things right.

We say if the search engines operated more transparently, it would make the online market place fairer, which is better for us as site owners, and ultimately our users.

This is why we have launched Have I Been Penalized..?

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