Marguerite couldn't look me straight in the face.


Who would gild a lily?

You told her yes, I hope.

Nobody's seen you in a month.


I don't need you anymore.


Be careful not to burn yourself.

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That article was written in English.


The trees in my garden are putting out leaves.

I found out why Claude was late.

"Tell me, little boy, what are you doing there?" "Can't you see? I'm crying."

There is a wide gap in the opinions between the two students.

This is a public school.

It's been three years since Shirley left me.

Everyone is staring at him.

No is proud of his son.

Do you have an extra key?


These are questions that I can't answer.

The and Brandy are both very talented.

Give it a rest, Cindy.

I don't care about the risk.

Has Mah been watching TV?

Tell Mickey I'll see him soon.

It all started in this lab.


The house collapsed.


I'm sure Kyle won't tell Damone.

He is too old.

This plan should be carried out.

I had some cash stashed away.

Pardon me, I couldn't get it.

The telephone operator asked the caller to hold on until a connection was made.

The news left me wondering what would happen next.

Somebody should put Lila in his place.

He is capable as a lawyer.


Jesse got talked into helping Sridharan move.

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Progress is a lovely word. But its driving force is change, and change has its enemies.

Sandeep pressed the green button and waited for something to happen.

I'm in big trouble.


Walking along the street, I met the lady.

He turned on the TV, and promptly fell asleep sitting before the set.

It is ten years ago that I saw him last.

Is this a trick question?

That's not the only problem.

Don't you see what's happening?

The government banned cigarette advertising on television.

You need to go with her now.

I haven't seen him today.


I don't think Gideon can speak any French.

The new computerised recording system experienced a number of teething problems before it was fully operational.

A sponge absorbs liquids.

He has many enthusiastic supporters.

Lui jumped out of the way.

He has become more easy-going.

You used to sell some apples at the market.

Lanny helped.

Mongo loves to gossip.

I am sorry that I could not go with her.

It might be enough.


Did you tell her when to come?

She was never completely free from pain after the accident.

The surgeon operated on her for lung cancer.

Jack isn't there.

He finally showed his true colors.

Although he is rich, he is not happy.

I was getting a little nervous.


Children are really looking forward to summer vacation.

Next summer, I want to go to Hawaii.

What are your plans?


Where have they taken her?

Who called them?

All I want now is a hot shower and a good night's sleep.

People tend to read more saucy books on an e-book reader because they don't have to show the cover while reading.

Happy him who with ease can steer, from grave to gay, from lively to severe.

We looked for them.

You'd better go now.

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Clay wasn't my husband at that time.


Water the plants.


Jerrie used to help his father in the store after school.

I wish Seth would behave himself.

Everyone looked happy.

You don't have the qualifications to lead a group.

Who's your favorite British author?

She isn't young anymore. She's at least 30 years old.

You can't argue with success.

I'd like to hear Linda's opinion at least once before we come to a conclusion.

I learned how to ride a bike when I was six years old.


I opened the drawer.

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Jeff is about as old as Trevor is.


Lawrence left his wife.

Long skirts are very much in fashion.

Throughout my life, I've had the great pleasure of travelling all around the world and working in many diverse nations.

Was anybody with you?

Nobody calls me that.


I bought Raif's new novel.

Something is always going wrong with the machine.

Amarth hid the eggs so well that no one could find them.

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The whole nation voted in the election.


No dirty jokes!

It was worth every penny.

Hire a minivan by the hour.


Is there anyone who can pronounce this word?

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I just heard him.


It's too noisy here for me.


Where is a Chinese restaurant?

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I just didn't believe her.


She was in a hurry to see the new baby.

At last, a chance in a million arrived.

Have you ever peed on the street?

That doesn't smell like something I'd want to eat.

Alexandra switched to Russian.

I feel bad about lying.

I'm very worried about Ric.

He explained this passage in detail.

To welcome guests is to make them feel at home, even though that's exactly where you wish they were.

I heard that Micheal committed suicide.

Is there an English speaker here?

That must be what I saw.

I thought they found him.

What kind of person do you think I am?

His skills qualified him for the job.

What are they up to?

There's nobody on this ship except us.


Gerald sometimes makes dinner for us.


Tal wants to stick around.

Read as much as possible.

Why don't you ask for a day off?

Sigurd walked off.

She will give it to Jack.

The man tried to catch hold of me by the collar.

Marsh built a pillow fort.

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John hung his hopes on his son.

I can write good stories when I feel like it.

The room key, please.

Naren's friends called him Mr. Money Bags.

How many kids do you have?

This really is great weather.

Please knock on the door.


He left for the United States by air.

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He doesn't want to go to school.

What an unexpected pleasure!

He has a rock solid alibi.

He gave his sudden, goblin like grin.

You should be a thought more careful.

We give him an apple.

Ric shared a room with his brother.

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Steven told us to be careful.

We are an open community.

I know I can be successful.

Do you really want it?

Training will be provided.

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They helped him get to Canada.

Israel is very careless.

I tried to cheer her up.


I didn't go into the cave with Srikanth.

I'm going to meet my brother's girlfriend tonight.

Vic is a cut above the rest.

No one informed me of his failure.

I haven't asked them yet.


We got a little bored with each other.

I didn't want to hurt her feelings.

I've never seen them so happy.