I have never been to Florida.

Paul helped Lisa into the cab.


You will derive great benefits from learning English.

I think we're safe now.

Huashi has an inferiority complex.

Sad to see you go.

He is hounding me to find out where you are.


You're the computer expert.


Come with me, will you?

My watch stopped, so I didn't know the time.

Omar thought he had heard wrong.


I hope you'll be comfortable here.

I want something hot to drink.

The population of China is larger than that of Japan.


We can deal with that.


The little girl was crying at the top of her lungs trying to find her mom.

You should follow my advice and marry her.

Terri stopped me from doing what I wanted to do.

I've got to talk to you.

We'll have to go about it with care.

Vistlik is just an average teenage boy.

I can't believe you just did that.

If you could be a colour, what would you be?

Marie wasn't kidding.


Nathan said he didn't feel well.

Deborah doesn't have a name tag.

Wait until all the facts in the case are known.

No one bakes a finer apple pie than Emily.

Imitation of gestures, actions and manners may or may not be a conscious act.


I'm paid fortnightly.

Janet is very strong, isn't he?

Her generosity seemed to be endless.

She always gets her own way.

We find diverse ethnic and economic interests here.


Sharan says he doesn't want to hurt Blayne.

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There's still a chance.

It's very embarrassing.

I gave my dad a tambourine as a gift.


I call on him every other day.

The next stop is Aquincum.

We won't hear from her.

Viewer discretion is advised.

Don't ever leave me.


Fear me, if you dare!

We can't do this without him.

Do you have a bag?


Gilles looks like a weight lifter.

Bart says he can get us everything we need.

Manny speaks excellent Russian, but his German is abysmal.

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Have you met Mysore's girlfriend?

I yelled out the window at Louis.

Just dismiss those thoughts from your mind - they're crazy and not worth thinking about.

I think we should sit down.

Could you please gift-wrap it please?


Manavendra likes ladyboys.

When do I get to go home?

We're almost home now, Denis.

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This old bread is as hard as a rock.

Do you like my new straw hat?

I admire Stevan a lot.

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It wasn't a bad idea.

That strike lasted three months.

I blew a gasket.

No wonder we associate bats with dark places.

He decided to go there.

Kenn won't know where to find you.

When can I move in?

She was devastated.

I'd like to ask a few more questions.

Sanjay seems attentive.

I can handle Anatole myself.

We've missed our train.

As we age, our ability to remember gets worse.


I think it'll turn out fine.

Fred doesn't stand a chance of winning.

We walk to school together.


Why are you beating my mother?!


Sit down for a second.

He had never traveled outside his home city.

Bernard can't swim at all. On the other hand, he is a good baseball player.


Foreign trade consists of a two-way flow of commodities-export and import.

Scot keeps a rabbit's foot as a good-luck charm.

We didn't do the right thing, did we?


I'm gonna have to call you right back.

I wish you'd tell me how you did it.

He is especially frightened of dogs.

Nicolo walked down the path, whistling a tune.

Mongo is supervising.

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We all have our ups and downs.

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That party is always pandering to the middle class.


Brett wanted Torsten to come to Boston for Christmas.

Shuvra will do that.

He is allergic to house dust.

That's my cat.

Del didn't take a bath last night.

Naren asked me how old I was.

Panzer could hardly conceal his triumph.


I ate the qeema.

Cut the pie into slices.

Don't bite off more than you can handle.


Uranus' atmosphere is made up of hydrogen, helium, and methane.

Why don't we just stay in?

When Tomas was a teenager, he would often sit on the front porch and write songs in the evening after dinner.

Many people spend more than they earn.

You always say that.

What is better than friendship?

Instead of taking notes, I spent the whole class doodling.

He is second to none when it comes to finding fault with others.

I started writing the book.


A great change has come about after the war.

That's the most beautiful ship I've ever seen.

His long and untidy hair was similar to a lion's mane.

She carried a baby on her back.

"This came for you." "Urgh..." "So hey, you remember that one that she sent you where she asked you to get her those pictures of Applejack's brother?" "Yeah." "And then she told you to write a critique on Mac's physical appearance." "Yeah." "Then she sent the critique to Mac." "...Yeah." "What did you tell her you learned from that?" "I found that a Phillips screwdriver is persuasive, but not seductive; and also Rarity charges up the butt for stuff I really think she should do as a friend."


There is a good chance that gasoline prices will go up.


Hans Christian Andersen's stories made him the most famous Dane in the world.

You were advised.

Can we fix this?

That's why Malus told us not to do this.

She treated his broken leg.

I thought you were different.

You should've called me.


How do you define life?

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I saw them leave.

Robbin wants an ally to help her succeed.

He broke his left arm.

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I explained to Saqib what needed to be done.


You don't think this is the right way, do you?


I'd never been so afraid.

Communications broke down.

Ned wasn't expecting anybody.

He has published many papers on the subject.

Put that box down.


Where is his clinic located?

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She is far from a fool.

Deirdre forgot to salute.

Sergio doesn't get along with Hank's father.

Hurry up, Martin. We're already late!

I really must finish this.

Kinch will go to school. Do you know that?

We'll speak to him later.

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We do things together.

Hazel spent time in Boston.

Do you have a map of Kyoto city?

It was late at night when we got back.

The supply can not keep up with the demand.

I will never make that mistake again.

Jean-Christophe and Elliot need help.

I know where Connie was going.

Bert may have been there.

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I didn't know he had decided to leave his job.

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John is a stallholder.

Where does this train go?

The wind blew harder yet when we reached the top of the hill.

Raman has been known for stealing pens.

I'm a bad person.

He became more and more disillusioned with politics.

You must set off at once.

I cannot see you behaving like that.

What's going on with kids these days?