He got an important position in the company.

He's a good kisser.

You got here too early.

That was the subject of my dissertation.

Was Harold wearing cologne?

Thank you for your guidance.

BLT stands for bacon, lettuce and tomato.

Everyone more or less likes showing off in public.

When I heard that, I put two and two together.

The air smells like spring flowers.

Saddam rejected the demand.


Father laid his hand on my shoulder.

It makes sense, doesn't it?

Sassan slept like a child.

"Let me know if you change your mind." "Will do."

Why did your father beat you?

What do you think I was doing?

There will be an in-person meeting of the marketing subcommittee on Tuesday afternoon of Jan 27, 1999 at the San Francisco CA Airport Marriott.

There is much sugar in this black box.

Appetite comes with eating, but the thirst goes away with drinking.

Charles made up a brief speech.

Your name is Giles, correct?


Take over.

As a matter of fact, I have had nothing since this morning.

Why didn't you ever tell me you had a son?

He's a man who we all respect.

I thought I was doing you a favor.

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What did I get?

Kinch would never have done such a thing.

I wish I had a cute little brother or a cool older brother.

He decided on international relations.

Speaking the truth is not a crime.

That's not how it is.

The last part of the legend was added later.

The question is this.

They're arriving within a half hour.

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I'm pretty sure Luke is in Boston.


I don't remember what his name is.

Esperanto allows us to embrace the world.

Everyone likes Trying.

One cannot get through if there is no door; there is no light if there is no window.

Could you hold on a second?


These pears are great.

Is that notarized?

A blood vessel broke in my eye.

Lin has to get back home.

He stopped reading a book.

He is a promising student.

Digital helpers make our everyday life easier. Instead of relying on our own memory, we prefer external ones. Where will this trend lead?

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Kari wanted me to tell you he needs to borrow your car.

This pass is a gateway to India.

Our garden is full of colorful flowers.

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We have run out of gas.

This makes me sick.

Give that to me.

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What should I do in order to spare time?

I'm sorry I had to cancel my appointment.

He is nothing but a minor artist.


With the world turning circles running round my brain.

Rick dreads going to work tomorrow.

They were going to kill him.

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John tried in vain to solve the problem.

I am well acquainted with him.

Don't toy with me.

Maybe you shouldn't leave.

He was taught French and given a dictionary.

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Kyle listened to the sounds of the forest.

If you want the taxi driver to have a tip, hand him too much money and say, "Keep the change."

Will Typhoon No. 12 hit the Kyushu district?


I found an apartment.


Since you did the cooking, I'll do the dishes.

When I was strolling along the beach this morning, I found this bottle.

It's over, isn't it?

What do we call you?

He fed the horse.

You should pay for it.

He maintained that he was innocent.


What do you mean, Isidore?

You should clean up this mess.

The car is on the street.

Where in Mexico are you guys going?

The towel was quite useless.

You're making this up.

I don't want to waste time on this problem.

He is always saying bad things about others.

Ah yes, two, right?


Venkata bought two tickets and a bag of popcorn.


As a light goes out, so a man dies.

I'd prefer not to speak French.

My brother is not yet in school.

The store was not a big one, was it?

She's new fish in the pond.


Much legal language is obscure to a layman.

The city was soon occupied by the soldiers.

Stu wrote a letter.


I don't speak any Klingon.


I am turning the sound of the TV on.

This may be a trap.

He came back from America.

Donn doesn't get it.

The crow flew away.

I wish my venture would work out.

Everybody wants to win.

Merton is only a few centimeters taller than Archie.

His perseverance and diligence in his youth have made him what he is today.

That's a small price to pay.

Has this kind of thing happened to you before?

I don't think you can change it.

He's a good person.

The source of the fire is unknown.

I thought you wanted to come with us.

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I'll never be as good as you.


Even if your goals seem out of reach, stay motivated!

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Siping needs to underpin his house as it's subsiding.


Shai and I had a long conversation while we were waiting for Elias.

Just give him a call.

The bells chimed as the couple left the church.

The important thing is not to win but to take part.

The kidnappers wanted Stephe to blow up that building.

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Don't touch me!

This is where it happened.

The building has exits on all sides.

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I want this more than anything in the world.

The doctor asked Ning what the pain felt like.

We're all doomed.


Margie didn't even flinch.

This is a proverb.

Help me! he repeated while waving his sabre.

He is what we call a self-made man.

You've got to do something about this soon.


I want to have a full and enriching student-life.

Can I borrow your dictionary?

The point is it's not funny.

"What does U.F.O. stand for?" "It means Unidentified Flying Object, I guess."

We have to defend our country at any expense.

Doctors do not always live long.

Everyone likes me.


If you meet the Orleanu sisters, invite them to Ruxandra's birthday. And don't forget their brother.

Smiling makes me happy.

Wealth in the modern world does not come merely from individual effort; it results from a combination of individual effort and of the manifold uses to which the community puts that effort.

All you have to do is sign your name here.

How old was she in the first photo?

You're expected to hail it as a triumph.

Are you making him a sandwich?

How do you like this town?

You want answers, don't you?

My dream comes true.

This book is composed of three chapters.

Tell Gigi that he was recommended by Tollefsen.

This is surprising, but the Russian abbreviation "VSEGEI", which can be literally translated as "All Gays", means just "All-Russian Geological Institute."


Forty percent of the workforce are white-collar workers, most of whom have some of the most tedious and idiotic jobs ever concocted.


Oscar is a sports fanatic.


Caroline's plan didn't sound stupid.


Dad, what are you going to get me for Christmas?


He drinks too much coffee.

A beard doesn't make a philosopher, nor does wearing a cheap coat.

Kill him, before he runs away!

Let's carry on the discussion.

That was disgusting.


Mehmed Talat was assassinated in Berlin in 1921.

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Mickey cut his hand with a rusty knife.

It's a coincidence.

I wonder if Beckie knows that.