Alvin knocked again.

I feel homesick when I remember my family.

Thanks to you, I spent all my money.

The hyena imitates the human voice.

Is that surprising?


Can you explain why you dislike him?

The accident happened because he wasn't careful.

What was the name of the movie we saw last night?


I don't see the difference.


There is no act which Christianity forbids, that the law will not reach: if it were otherwise, Christianity would not be, as it has always been held to be, part of the law of England.

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Donn won't tell you what happened.


Dorothy had a scared look on his face.

People around us help us to realize where we have made a mistake.

Samir decided not to go hiking with Rudy.

Dan didn't even hesitate to do that.

You have a watch.


True zombies are to be found in the special forces. When you spend a week in the cold, without sleeping, you become a zombie, and the only thing you feel is hatred. Hatred towards yourself, hatred towards the others. And the only thing you think about is to finish your job and go back to where you can enjoy a "good sleep".

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I'm glad no one died.


He was surprised to hear a cry from within.


See the example given above.

We admired the view of Mt. Fuji.

Marilyn deserves to be blamed.

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He who is enamored of himself will at least have the advantage of being inconvenienced by few rivals.

He cancelled the meeting at the last minute.

Louise is a porcelain maker.

Rudolf and Piotr must really hate each other.

If we are to be there at six, we will have to start now.

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I'm sorry I made you cry yesterday.

Give me a shawarma and a diet cola.

I think it certain that she will succeed as a singer.


I am as happy as can be.

I wanted to smack you.

That shouldn't be too hard to get.


She got married and had kids.

I've never asked you this before, but are you religious?

Let's go get drunk.

Vassos bought an ACME anvil.

I'm just a family friend.

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I can't understand myself.

People love to talk - talk - talk.

You've skipped too many classes.

Lenora opened the diary.

Yesterday the club elected its officers.


The workers reconstructed the house brick by brick.


How would you describe me?

You're in the same situation that I was once in.

Did you ever see such a film?


The town is two miles away from the coast.


Rudolf climbed out the window.

How much time did it take you to learn Chinese so well?

I've stopped buying meat there.

It has never been done before.

We don't need to fight.

I've never heard you complain.

Why did I read this?

I need a screwdriver.

The youngest boy dropped behind the other hikers.

Juri says he's sorry about what happened yesterday.

The credit is all his.

Get rid of Masanao.

All the kids at school made fun of me because I was fat.


He stood beside me without so much as helping me.

What brand of dog food do you feed your dog?

Carlos could've stayed in Boston.

I prefer to turn a blind eye.

Do you want me to come back?

"Educational autism" in the California school system apparently has looser criteria than the DSM-IV's series of autistic disorders.

He said that he was busy then, but that he would be free the next day.

Okay, I'll drop it.

I suppose it will have to do for now.

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These lemons are fresh.


If you mate a horse with an ass you will get a mule.

It had never occurred to her that he would be punished.

Sir has made all the necessary changes.

Juha drives a Ford.

I think Cathrin is discontented.


I would've told you, but Jinchao made me promise not to tell.

Mom-and-pop bakeries were overwhelmed by supermarkets.

She bought him a sweater.

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Do you play soccer?

I woke up early this morning.

When was the last time I told you I loved you?

I really should be getting to bed.

Jose is as strong as ever.

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They suspected something was about to happen.

How do you like this whisky?

There were a few moments of confusion.

Did you have breakfast?

Have you ever been trout fishing?

I'm tired of listening to his boasts.

Sergiu isn't afraid of snakes.

Thank you for your letters.

Elliott is interested in fossils.

How does he gain his living?

Scary, isn't it?

She's a married woman.

The chromosomes in our cells contain the whole of our genetic material.


Clay finished the bottle of wine by himself.

I'm not for sale.

I believe that he is a reliable man.

He's a lovely young man.

Please relax and take it easy.


I don't want any part of it.

Monolingualism is the illiteracy of the 21st century.

Bad treatment fanned his dislike to hate.

You're dreaming again.

This is stunning news.


Something caught Marion's attention.

Unfortunately, you're right.

The woman is naked.

Discover a new world.

My mother grew pale on hearing the news.

That man who committed that crime was out of his mind.

It gradually escalated.

Don't let that worry you.

I don't want to go anywhere in particular.

I feel horrible.

I take the opportunity to thank her.

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Let us know if you can make it.

When did you buy that from them?

I paid 1,000 yen on account.

I don't have to make threats.

He could swim free in the lake.

I don't know how Sekar talked you into it.

We cannot play baseball here.


He doesn't need such treatment.

This is weird.

I sometimes dream of my mother.

Be a loner. That gives you time to wonder, to search for the truth. Have holy curiosity. Make your life worth living.

Omar looks like he's a bit tired.

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Did you enjoy the performance last night?

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What a pretty doll this is!


This is the first time I've ever scolded a student.

Yesterday I ate too much and now I feel sick.

That child shut up a cat in the carton.

Your table is ready, sir.

I wonder how much we'll have to pay.


Ariel didn't think of that.

Granville has yogurt topped with slivered almonds for breakfast.

The money has been put to good use.

Nora described exactly what happened.

We can't just leave Brodie here by himself.


He was not at all surprised at her ability.


Dan planned to drop out of college and move to Canada.

He's more popular than me on Facebook.

Roxane was sentenced to three weeks of community service.

Do you think there's any chance Thad will be at the party?

I didn't shout at Pontus.

Don't forget to put the cap back on the soda bottle so it doesn't go flat.

I wish we had enough money.


If you want something done right, sometimes you've just gotta do it yourself.


She can ask and answer questions.

Rex didn't know how to react to that.

That child looks as if he is going to cry.

No matter how busy you are, I think you should at least read a newspaper.

I've bought a gift for Emily.

I've been thinking about you all day.

We're observant.

Happy wishing you a Thanksgiving.

The man had just returned from a visit to Europe.


That's a frightening prospect.