He is not frugal so you can't trust him with money.

Sorry, I don't follow.

This is an evil company that takes advantage of people.

Why would you want it?


Add a bit of sugar, please.

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There's someone here to see you.


As I reached the station, the express was just drawing in.

You should keep to the right.

This book is older than that one.

Jackye is a brave man.

A good programmer will influence everyone around him.


In Japan, children begin to play the violin at the age of three.

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Would you like to say something?

You're afraid to sleep, aren't you?

Desperation makes the soldier or the monk.

He was pale with fatigue after his sleepless night.

Do you like horses?


Van wrote a lot of letters to Elwood while he was away.

While you're waiting, get yourself something to eat.

I feel a little woozy.

An infinitive without a 'to' attached is called a bare infinitive.

Everybody pulled their socks up, yeah.

It's relatively simple to use.

I'd better write that down.

We were unable to finish our homework in time.

He collapsed at her feet.

We're proud of our team.

Many people died when a large South Korean ferry sank.

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We said that.

I can't ask them to quit.

She was kind to me.

The changes are startling.

That doesn't bother Nelken.


Stay as long as you like.

He wrote me a long letter.

No one dances sober.


I cannot pay this fine. I don't have money.

You're wearing the wrong shoes.

Thanks for helping her.


She betrayed you.


Charlene started making fun of Reid.

I have to be up at six.

Sonny bought a brand-new car.


Thomas will go.

The drama differs from the original story.

I've been very busy this week.

I've worked with her.

Once you start, carry it on.

Don't be too sensitive to criticism.

There's one more place we need to stop.

Cary wouldn't listen.

The students rebelled against the government.

If I were rich, I'd give you money.

I had to work late yesterday.

Do the first example in your workbook.

He engaged in agriculture.

Gabriel was obviously unhappy.

In reality, it is only held together by duct-tape and zip-ties.

The nurse gave him a flu shot.

The kid got hurt.


But I don't really profit from it.

Please refrain from smoking until the sign is turned off.

I gave her one of those.

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Stay where you are. I'm on my way.


The guy who hit you is at the front door.


He is not a good driver.


He took out accident insurance.

Your new dress is very pretty.

The book I bought yesterday is a real soporific.

I must help her.

Mom, Jinny's hitting me!

Thierry has been gone since I woke up.

I was invited to go abroad, but I don't want to.

David never would've asked.

The saved game appears to be damaged and cannot be used. Please quit the game and then restart after removing the save data.


It is necessary to fight AIDS with whatever weapons are at hand.

I wasn't even thinking about that.

Erwin was standing near the end of the line.


They made their way toward the town.


Answer her.


"However", stressed Vladimir Putin, "today is another situation".

Are those guys your friends?

Where there are two Latvians, there are three political parties.

Tandy is my ex.

The socks and sneakers are new.


He caught a mouse.


It's already taken care of.

The spotlight is on.

My father didn't want to watch the film.

After their fins have been removed, the sharks are thrown back alive into the ocean.

Tracy got a suntan.


Where's the checkout counter?

Elisabeth told me that book is interesting.

We'll explain later.


Do you know the name of this flower?

He went to Paris by car yesterday.

This phone has a multitouch screen.


I stole it from Bob.

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When we had a cooperative Congress, we got a whole lot more done. So far, a lot of Republicans in Congress have been unwilling to act on these agenda items that I just mentioned.

The Europeans often paid Indians to work for them.

The two men competed for the young maiden's heart.

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Sixty-five, and that's my final offer.

I don't understand what you're asking me to do.

May God help you, as you have put yourself beyond the mercy of men.

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I'll consult with him.


It is very dangerous to cross this street.


Geoff has never participated in Thanksgiving celebrations.


Today, I went to the doctor's.

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She gave him the elbow yesterday.

Between the two of them, Ken is taller.

Give me another couple of days to think it over.


Sandip was square.

I'm tired of always listening to the same kind of music.

She became rich through hard work.


What do I tell him?

Don't tell him I'm coming.

I don't think there's any point in discussing this matter with you.

One should keep one's promise.

I appreciate you making the time to see me.

Tolerant asked Bernard to sit down for a while.

I don't mean to nag you.


I will illustrate the way people use language.

Another tendency of many Japanese that bothers foreigners is to make statements that are too general and too broad by using or implying words like "all" and "every".

There you see the gate which Mr Jones built.

I'm pretty sure Jitendra's competent.

I should've been there for her.

I don't consider Raif a friend.

He is in Tokyo.

A smaller, but still dangerous, concentration of pathogens won't necessarily be detectable by smell.

I'm sure Charles will think that's a good idea.

I quit smoking two years ago.

How I wish I could help you.

Michiel was fun.

This is important to Maria.


He knew little about the people.

I thought you might want to talk.

It's to your credit that you told the truth.

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Kenneth shut down his computer.


Julian bought Robbin a ticket.

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He has got baseball on the brain.

Gentlemen first.

If you piss on the toilet seat, wipe it off!


I found the suites capacious, the sofas commodious, the sandwiches copious.

He took offence at her.

I feel that I'm a burden to everyone, that no one will ever love me, that I'm better off dead, because that way I wouldn't hurt anyone. However, on the other hand, I want to keep living and show everyone that I'm strong.

I'm inclined to agree with them.

I thought Alain had a party last night.


Those said that he would always love Per.


Martha talked too much.

I'm not cut out for gambling. Maybe I'm just unlucky, but working for my pay is more of a sure thing.

That's not what I meant. I'm sorry.


Just sit down and listen to me.

We have no intention of marrying. We still barely know each other.

I haven't read a book in quite a while. It's enough to make me ashamed of myself.

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Where are the lifeboats?