I noticed him sitting with his back against the wall.


I can't believe I'm agreeing to this.

What do you think of the way Jones has been behaving lately?

Shane isn't the sharpest tool in the shed.

I was afraid that I might be late for the bus.

I wanted to be cautious.

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The lecture is composed by two parts, one theoretical, the other practical.

The door clicked shut.

The workers at Jitendra's company are demanding shorter working hours.


He's a great kisser.

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In Japan, there is no lake bigger than Lake Biwa.


Julia never knew what needed to be done.

Dan didn't even remove the sticker.

Neither of the drowning men could be saved.

You're forgetting Ahmet.

I left this.

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That would be very funny.

What do you say to going fishing with me?

I was just thinking of the same thing. I'm all for that.

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Is there a drink minimum?

This is something much worse than what happened before.

These rights are inalienable.

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Christina bought a car using his savings.

Don't cry. Everything's going to be OK.

He took his way to the country.


How is it that you're always so full of energy?

Lou is a nice-looking boy.

Maarten is twice as heavy as Brent.


There's room for debate.

Did anyone hear John leave the house?

Will you join our club?

Spike held up a finger.

I think Randall doesn't know where Fritz lives.

I threw away my old pillow and bought a new one.

Lenora told his parents that he had no homework.


We know who you really are.


Kathleen has never asked anyone for a favor.


Also, there is a greater risk of accidents.

Betty came last.

Jisheng and Vladislav are cleaning up the mess.

He was a millionaire a long time ago.

I ride the subway every day.

Locomotives come more often than buses do.

What's this doing here?

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I lost half my interest in the project.


Many people are better off than they used to be.

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You write like a panty!


I certainly didn't plan to do that.

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She's the only one who survived.

Am I ever wrong?

I count the sparkle of constellations to foretell the future of my love.

It never occurred to me that he might be ill.

We didn't mean to hurt him.

I should be thanking her.

He crossed his arms.

Drink your tea, Andre.

We made him go.

Starbuck's speech was full of double entendres, most of which went over his audience's head.

The movie got more and more exciting, until at length, people were sitting on the edge of their chairs.


They told me to stay in the car.

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I'm afraid I can't make it at that time.

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Madrid is the capital of Spain and its most important city.

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The subject of the lecture is already determined.


I'm glad you two are getting along.

How dare you talk about Leo like that!

He gave his help to many.

Just a spot of shut-eye has already refreshed my mind.

Wilmer decided to upload the video he took to YouTube.

Strange noises keep coming from the receiver and won't stop.

Miriam hung his diploma on the wall.

Don't trust anyone here.

Meeks wanted to visit North America.

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He thought that there was no point in studying further in this field.

I email my pen pal every Saturday.

I haven't seen that movie yet.

These books are heavy.

To be an interesting person you have to feed and exercise your mind.

I never met him.

Now stand still.

She cancelled her date.

Let's pick headlice.

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It's not that I want to have a girlfriend, I just want to be in love.

I'll work for you as long as you keep paying me this well.

I've done everything you've asked.

Kenn first met Hy when they were in high school.

Do I look like I'm happy?

He has enough ability to manage a business.

Rajendra must be over thirty.

I know you're working for us.

They heard him.


I'll go to London next year.

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When we're in a hurry, we cut through the park.

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You're doctors.

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That doesn't happen very often.

Ninja slept like a log all night and most of the next day.

We're a married couple.


We're just catching up.


This old house needs a good housekeeper.


I swear by the beard of the prophet.


Shit is happening.

I'm gonna quit putting everything off... Tomorrow.

Now you tell.

Dori brandished a shotgun on Shirley.

Naim has given us all this.

All I want for Christmas is a guitar.

They're from Greece.

I bet you Kyle will be late.

She cared for her father until his death.

Catherine may not even remember me.

It's based on a true story.

Well, I'll certainly give it a try.

The audience was greatly impressed by his speech.

Do you know your size?

I suppose Lars might not do what we asked him to do.

After walking for an hour, we stopped to take a rest.

Somebody must've followed us here.

This disease spreads like wildfire.

I've always distrusted you.

Mike always remains calm.

This climate doesn't agree with me.

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Personal life of Larry Ewing was shared in a website.

I'm going to take early retirement.

Helen has hair down to his shoulders.

Blaine has become incapable of loving himself.

The criminal was placed in chains.


I have self-studied half a semester's worth of German.

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They have a telephone next to their bed.

The professor I was arguing with finally conceded and said I was right.

I took the first step.

Oh boy, that's embarrassing.

It is over a century since slavery was made illegal.

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There's no way one that big is going to go on a bike's luggage rest.

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Rajiv bullies marginalized people.

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I don't want to be alone anymore.

I hope your mother will regain her health soon.

Redheads drive me crazy!


What does Valerie need to say to get No to forgive him?

According to what I heard after, the teacher didn't come until the end of the class.

Jeany is the last person I want to see right now.

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In dog ethology the leader is called 'alpha'; after that it continues with 'beta' and 'gamma'.

We have to get them.

Dan attempted to destroy evidence.


I don't understand what you're getting at.

I never know what you boys are up to.

Rhonda is a gruff man.

Neil has a son who is a policeman.

I'm trying to cheer you up.

May I join you?

I fall behind him in this respect.

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Don't let anything happen to either one of you.

Wisdom follows me, but I am faster.

I knew my only chance was to trust my instincts.

I'm over thirty.

Let Ahmed answer.

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Respecting others is required.