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You and Brenda are not hungry.

I'm not used to talking in public.

Sally doesn't necessarily have to go.


You can't force me to do that.

There was someone else there.

A cowboy is driving cattle to the pasture.

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You're still green.

It's really not that hot.

She's interested in you.

I want to go to Korea.

No beer before four!

It is gross to kick autistic children.

Let's get back to the boat.

As I happened to be in the neighborhood, I went and paid him compliments.

She turned bright red.

The customer rejected everything that I showed her.

Let me talk with him.


Miles is a very outgoing person.

My nose is really stuffed, so I can't smell anything coming from the kitchen.

Why do you go to bed late?


He is faced with a difficult problem.


It's a labor of love.

Do you think the weather will be fine tomorrow?

Shawn has no choice but to resign.

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The evil spirit was driven away from the house.

Is it true that you cleaned the house by yourself?

Sid found what he was looking for in the back of the closet.

What bugged me most was having been deceived.

I just don't want to go with you.


Rajarshi tried his best to help Curt.

The pandas are happy.

I entered someone else's room by mistake.

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I'm a new student.

The night was so dark, almost as dark as her heart.

John's business has turned out to be a complete failure.

He is a very modest man.

What time's Anne picking you up?

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How much does a first class ticket cost?


Bitter medicine will not necessarily do you good.

That's just what you need now.

That is not my big house.

The lawyer decided to appeal the case.

Cole and I study French together.

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We're up a creek without a paddle.

He seems to be unaware of his mistake.

Alexis certainly owes Jarl an apology.

You don't want this.

We don't have a dishwasher.


You yourself belong to this group of people that you're talking about - the one that doesn't speak standard Mandarin well.

I asked Arlene if he had a cold, but he shook his head.

I don't own a suit.

PARENTAL ADVISORY: If your children use TATOEBA to study languages, please take the time to search any choice words you wouldn't want them to read - and don't be shy! You won't believe some of the uncensored filth they allow on here, since they feel "language is language."

She lives in poor circumstances.

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Who else was present?

The balance of nature is very fragile.

Wasn't Simon your boyfriend?

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I can't believe I kissed you.

I tried to investigate his opinion indirectly.

Whichever way you take, it'll take you the same time.


That's not a problem at all.


Now that I see these pictures, I remember.


She was still weak after her illness.

They fell asleep after the movie.

You can come pick up the goods, or we can bring them to you.

With a mild, bright night like today, I always feel like going for a stroll at midnight.

Isaac managed a small bar near Boston for quite a few years.

I'm sure he'll be pleased to hear that.

They'll try again.

So you can't even remember what you said?

Does anybody have anything to say?

Please put some candles on the birthday cake.

He wanted even more territory.

My mother looked at me with tears in her eyes.

What did Bell invent?

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This is going splendidly.

We haven't got long.

I forgot where my school is.

Maybe we can change that.

Does Don get along with his coworkers?

She hit upon a good idea.

Jim made a superfluous remark.

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Who is going to put this into English?

You didn't eat very much.

Jesse has been stalking Nancy for a while.

In her free time, she likes to be on the Internet.

We have a lot of snow at this time of the year.

Both the old and young are guilty of sinning.

The TV's on.

When night came on, we returned home.

Go make popcorn.

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Theodore intends to go shopping.


Who is Emily?


Jinchao introduced Kate to his family.

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She looks a lot like her mother.

I'm not ambitious enough.

I'm not going to change.

You hit the center of the target.

Mosur was stabbed in the chest three times.

The project is well-planned and interesting, but its immediate impact on the bottom line is not considered substantial.

Do you mind handing me the hammer?

I didn't pack any formal clothes.

I heard you fell and hurt yourself.

I'm going to deal with them.

Now I love you guys even more!

I wonder if you are as busy as we are.

That's a pretty picture.

Her charm does not consist only in her beauty.

Where did you put my suitcase?

Why do you need so many clothes?

I'm baking a cake for Francisco's birthday.

How far is it from here to Hakata?

Isn't this what we're supposed to be doing.

What we need now is something to drink.

I know you've been worried about Duncan.

I haven't got a chance.

I'm in love with him. I don't care what you think.

We didn't understand anything you said.

Sometimes it happens.


He hesitated for a second.

His plan was discarded.

How did you make it?


No sooner had I opened the box than a frog jumped out.

This is your wake-up call.

You are exactly like your father.

He rode a bus to the park.

If it weren't for our friendship I would be miserable.

We need to get that back.

He knows how to revise his lessons.

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I've never seen her so upset.

He finished his beer.

I really wanted to believe it was true.

Skip wishes for his son to inherit his estate.

He was made to work all day by the boss.

Unfortunately, I have a commitment.

Shall I go for the doctor?


There's a dog barking there.

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The teacher led the class in singing a song.

He wants to sip some of the champagne.

After a dentist killed Zimbabwe's most famous lion, animal-rights activists were angry that he planned to mount the lion's head and sleek, bushy mane on an office wall.

Glenn wasn't happy about the situation.

She would sooner translate sentences on Tatoeba than chat with me.

Wherever you go, you will find the same thing.

He has no interest whatsoever in money.

Have you finished your lunch yet?

It's useless to try and resist.

They claim that all their products are environmentally friendly.

I know what it's like to be lonely.

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Lindsay should've apologized instantly.

You're more than welcome to come over.

The door is on the latch.

It must be Matthias.

Do you really want me to tell her?

To the best of my knowledge, humans are the only two-legged mammals in existence.

I'm pretty sure that Monty won't do that.

Can we get help?

I don't like sewing because I can't thread the needle.

Please control yourself.

Thanks for understanding the drama of my homeland, which is, like Pablo Neruda would say, a silent Vietnam; there aren't occupation troops, nor powerful planes clouding the clean skies of my land, we're under financial blockade, we have no credits, we can't buy spare parts, we have no means to buy foods and we need medicines...

I want you to wear that new hat I bought for you.

I have always wanted to be a singer.

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Dan went back to bed.

I have a friend who lives on a boat.

The teacher kicked Siping out of class.


It is so quiet one can hear the the clock tick behind the wall.


There was no one to stop her.


It's something my sister never wanted to do.