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    SUPPORT LINE: 1-866-494-5050 option 4

    Keep your car clean year-round by visiting any of our convenient

    Petro-Canada™ car wash locations. There are over 240 SuperWash™ and GlideWash™ locations across Canada to give you a great car wash experience. Get a Season Pass or Wash & Go card so you never need a paper ticket again – they’re the easiest way to keep your car clean!

    Important Updates:

    This section will serve to notify you of important changes you must be aware of prior to taking calls for this client.

    March 15th:  Till 1 pm today,  all severity 1 to severity 4 calls to be dispatched to the Service provider.

    NOTE:  Glide Carwash images now stored on a single file.  See link below.


    BPO Wiki


    Glide Picture Book


    Superwash Rollowver Images


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