What should I buy him for Valentine's Day?

We were extremely lucky.

Kindergarten children act better than Syd and his friends do.

If you had told me that in the first place, I wouldn't have done it.

Let's cut down our expenses.

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Why would Joni be doing this?

What's the first thing you remember?

I don't want to die in jail.

I have to urgently talk with someone.

A small town lies between the big cities.

Nancy had never seen a giant panda before.

Many people do not immediately understand the difference between states and governments.

If at all possible, you should go and look into the matter yourself.

Check back later today for the answer!

He is smelling the soup.

Debi woke up.


Peggy's home and office were searched by the police.

I usually eat less than my boyfriend.

I'll have to mention it to him.

The country has resources, but can't exploit them.

She thought of the fine autumn day when she had rushed home from school with the good news; she was chosen to be on the relay team.

She went to France for the purpose of studying art.

We look forward to receiving your prompt reply.


Put this bench forward.

I think we should talk.

I just saw her three hours ago.

I want to catch the six o'clock train to New York.

I don't see anyone wearing a hat.

That's a mistake.

There are only two primes between 10 and 14.


People make mistakes in a situation like this.

What do you want for Christmas, Jenny?

I only meant to scare him.

The pencil is not long.

I really don't mind doing this.

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Voyager 2 produced images showing the Great Dark Spot, a storm on Neptune, as it approached the planet in 1989. By the time the Hubble Space Telescope photographed Neptune in 1994, the spot had disappeared.


Here the weather is very beautiful.

Carlo and Audrey are rich kids.

We'll see each other later!

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I was happy to pass the exam.


I really wish I knew where Kristin put my briefcase.

We need to do something about that before tomorrow.

The boy had been crying until he got some candy.

He was desperate to escape.

Would you cut that crap out? I'm not in the mood for fun and games.

My parents had me go there.

I haven't finished the report yet.

He told me to cut down the cost of its production.

Could we come in, please?


This is just a temporary break up.

Lori got thrown out of the bar.

I think she's interested in you.

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You can watch movies with English subtitles using this link.


Frederick didn't kill himself.

All the money is lost.

Do you have disposition to obesity?

That person has had an odd grin on his face for a while. What do you suppose is behind it?

It's so quiet.

Every child in the school took to the new teacher.

You can't bring your cat to school.

Does she know that her son has gone?

He carried the glassware with care.


The harbor was crowded with vessels of every description.

I've never used a hacksaw before. Could you show me how?

When's dinner served?


That would be advisable.

The audience buzzed with excitement.

"That's fine," replied the girl. "I'll take ten yards."

I certainly enjoyed traveling, and I still would if I could, but traveling is expensive and I don't earn as much as I used to.

I'm OK with it.

Why are you hiding behind the door?

How does a child acquire that understanding?


Sehyo enjoys traveling.

Joshua told the children that they could stay in this room as long as they didn't make any noise.

I'm taking the week off.

What happens if you get wet?

Are you going to have dinner here with me?


I'll go to Paris when I have enough money.

My sister has long legs.

The gas gives off a strong, bad smell.

We all want prices to fall.

Lin was first in line.

I was there a year ago.

Cindie hardly ever listens to the radio.

Trying to forget the day's events, he turned off the lights and drifted off to sleep.

I heard you bought a new trombone.

Cinderella had two wicked stepsisters.

Joni has already told me what I wanted to know.

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You're hungry.

I know the area around here quite well.

Kimmo declined to say more.


I think I can learn from my mistakes.

There were lots of immigrants from Italy and Ireland.

I cannot comply with his request.


He had fun with her.

Mats discovered that Cindie was unfaithful.

She plays piano and guitar.

I won't come home.

The dripping ice cream dirtied his pants.

Vick made a decision.

Oh my God, I can't believe this.

Goods are the great travelers over the earth's surface, far more than humans, which means that hardly an inhabited spot on the globe is untouched by trade.

Ravi has a terrible crush on Pratap.

Beverly glared at Ralph with hatred and disgust.

I can't tell if you're serious.

The skirt didn't fit so I had to alter it.

The Bering Strait separates Asia from North America.

Wendi isn't very talkative.

Ramon has hanged himself.

I'm not going anywhere.

Cloudy with occasional rain.

Let me exchange seats with you.

I think we'd better get you home.

You don't have to do what Nancy says.

I'm going to fetch some milk.

Russell didn't read the fine print on his insurance policy, and was shocked to find that his claim wasn't covered.

He is in the pink.

My little brother did it, not me.

The professor made sure the test was checked carefully.

She is my favorite character.

Not all of these eggs are fresh.

We miss you and are really looking forward to you being here.

Yay, I went to the store!

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The officer told his men to advance.


They're making out in the car.

He stayed at home all day instead of going out.

Please read the numbers on the meter.


One thing I've always wanted to do is go camping with my family.

It is no use being a writer if one is not in sympathy with the world in which one is living.

Dieter wouldn't dare show his face around here again.

The price is too high.

Do not expect charity from them.

He has a bright future ahead of him.

The sofa is comfortable.

Jordan has as many cats as I do.

Please tell me how to fill out the disembarkation card.


You should see the doctor.

She was advised by him to give up smoking.

The new decoration gave joy to the house.

Do you really think we'll find Margaret?

A stallion is a male horse.


The lovers drowned themselves in the lake and were reunited forever in death.

He was conspicuous by his absence.

Marty never learned how to drive.


I hope Loukas doesn't think I'm afraid to fight.

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Ji isn't big enough.

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His explanation was quite above me.


Hungary closed its most important train station.

Everybody is invited to attend.

The clouds are white and fairly fluffy.

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Drop by any time you are in town.

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Please don't be offended.

It was because he was sick that he decided to return home.

You had lunch, didn't you?

To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive.

Can I do it again?

If you were not so good in counsel, I should not have heard these rules for my conduct.

He is usually very vigilant concerning such matters.

At what time will the race finish?

They trust her.


Are anal fissures curable?

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Why do you hate Canadians so much?

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Please keep us updated.

You've been wonderful.

You need some air.


Don't say I'm a sucker.