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I ran across an old friend of mine at the party yesterday.


It's a serious illness.

I used to keep a diary in English when I was a student.

Ned isn't a good student.

I hope this data is wrong.

You had it coming.

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Do you own a gun?

She spoke wisely.

This isn't so much fun.

Margaret wanted Tao to leave him alone.

He ate up his fortune by gambling.

Is he always like this?

Rand often wears a fake wedding ring.

It took an hour to paint the doghouse.

Your breakfast is ready. Don't let it get cold.


I'm glad I'm Hwa's friend.


The population of this country is gradually diminishing.


I know her, but I'm not acquainted with the rest of the family.

He is well off, so he doesn't worry about money.

They always shout when they are angry.

Pratt is not fond of pets.

The defense of the master thesis is just happening next month.


He takes on himself to direct the Almighty what to do, even in the government of the universe.


They have an open relationship.


Oral language isn't planned.

I thought Dawn was your boyfriend.

How will Isaac get out of that mess?

Is this the way to the station?

I saw some girls bully her.


I used to listen to English programs.

I'm just trying to be neighborly.

Marc, whose spirit is timid, hid himself, fearing danger.

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Do you know much about music?

We'll be back in three months.

He will be having dinner with her at this time tomorrow.

Do you want them to help?

Excuse me, ladies!


Check please.

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I'm pretty lucky.

I didn't notice the imperfection.

Nobody is concealing anything except the fact that he does not understand anything anymore and wishes he could go home.

What can I say to convince you?

Sandeep knew why the cat scratched Mysore.

Glynn said I could stay.

I suppose I'll get used to this eventually.

Sandip was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

He concealed his anger from the audience.

I'll be ready on Monday.

Gerard is a typical Canadian.

You need to go with him now.

Do you have much to do with your neighbours?

A colossal earthquake ripped through the city.

I'll take charge now.


King Ahasuerus loved Esther.

There isn't a place in this market that isn't lively.

I've been dead before, and it wasn't too bad.


But why did you do it?

I'll live on welfare.

Fasten your seat belt at all times.


Most students are doing preparation for the term examination.


I am very glad to know you.

I'd be happy to talk about this later.

Merril is with them.

You need to clean the windshield.

You can choose something at our expense.

He did his best never to think of her.

The teacher said that he didn't know the answer to my question.

Everyone is confused.

It's going to take three weeks.


He explained how to play the guitar to me.

He is something of a stamp collector.

She borrows novels from Ron.


Save water, drink booze.

Peter will do it his own way.

A critic is a hen that clucks while others are laying.


My boss has the ability to read books very fast.


She enclosed a photo.


I like the new guy. He's not afraid to take on challenging work.

I didn't think you'd show up.

Tony did not feel poor.

Write the amount on the check in letters as well as figures.

The stated price does not include labor charges.


Talk to Caleb again.

I would be very sad if I lost you.

Brodie pays Juha to clean his house.

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I'm not going to forget you.


It's hard to tell whether Page is laughing or crying.

You were busy.

It's no use pleading because they'll never give in.

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The Zugspitze is Germany's highest mountain.

She gave a narrative of her strange experience.

"My dearest little doll!" she cried. "Thou hast saved me from my trouble! Now I have only to cook the Baba Yaga's supper, since all the rest of the tasks are done!"


Panos made the mistake of trying to do it alone.

OK, but what about the manager?

Did Pratap play tennis yesterday?

Does Stacey want to see it?

Do you bake cakes in this oven?

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It was already late, but she left nonetheless.

You must not deprive children of their playthings.

Do you know what friendship is?


Devon isn't foolish.


She tried to prevent the rumor from spreading.

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Tiefenthal is the right man for Jennifer.

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When was the last time you took the children to the beach?

On whole, the plan seems good to me.

There's a picture of Sangho on the wall.

Ranjit was an honest man.

My father feels satisfied about this result.

She is the woman I will be marrying.

I wish my name wasn't Nancy.

In this forest at every step we may face the most terrible perils that you can ever imagine. So let's go ahead.

A snowman is left in the night darkness in company with snowy stumps, boulders and anthills.


How long does it take to deliver a pizza?

I thought Rudy would take Kathy to the aquarium.

She's going to drive me crazy!

My father was a teacher.

He's very polite.


You shouldn't speak with your mouth full at table.


I'm going to call them later.

Jock couldn't believe the news.

Nobody showed me around.


Despite being small you are of great value.


I've accepted Cindie's resignation.

Frost is frozen dew.

Johan has moved back to Boston.

I've been writing letters.

It is the role of a student to study.

Tobias is a professional pole dancer.

Cyrus is waiting to hear from me.


His spouse is a Japanese woman.

All the colours of the rainbow are black.

The CD isn't labelled. How's that possible?


He was stoned.


The winter will be severe.

Please phone me before you come.

It isn't Liza.

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Would you mail this letter for me on your way to school?

Am I really that bad?

Loukas offered Huashi some money, but she refused to take it.

I've used up my wages, but I have my bank account to fall back on.

Did Tuna tell you about his past?


He started his voyage around the world in his sailboat.

What an awful lot of books you have!

She is always cheerful.

He pushed the car downhill.

What can we do for them?


The story appears true.

Thank you for sharing!

Thanks to the license plate number, the police identified the car involved in the accident as Rebecca's.


Don't you have any beer?

Lucas is a clever clogs.

I didn't want to see him again.


I haven't smoked for ages.


Thomas was named after his father.