You've been in a coma for three years, Monica.

We painted the door green.

She doesn't love me anymore.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

I suggest we take the stairs.

I'm going now!

He caused this.

Elwood discovered that life on the road wasn't as easy as he thought it would be.

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We're safe for the moment.


Shall I carry your coat?

She kept him waiting for a long time.

Please let me know if you need anything.

They had no beards, no hair and no eyebrows.

What time are Tai and Jared arriving?

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It was so boring that I fell asleep.

Do whatever needs to be done.

You're such a weirdo.

Miss Young is very kind.

We're all worried about them.


I think this one has to die for the other to live. It's a cruel world.


That's a question that only Vicki can answer.


It was Ozan who found your keys.

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Admission is free for preschool children.

He was at work till late at night.

He fell to the floor.

She was asked to convince him to get his son or someone else to paint the house.

He is close to sixty.

You may have a problem.

Jock is your friend.

We only need one.

Please don't call the cops.

Graeme is away on a business trip.

Agatha didn't look well the last time I saw him.

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Somebody's going to pay.

I am horrified.

You said this was going to happen.

Would you like to go inside and look?

I was beside myself with joy when I heard the news.

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I thought that was the right thing to do.

Not everybody can be an artist.

All you have to do is sign your name here.

She's used to getting up early.

The furniture in this office is fairly modern.

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We study English at school every day.

The cat caught the rats.

In the latest report, it is written that 90% of all the cocaine smuggled in the world is transported by sea, and most of that by speedboat.

Kriton didn't know anyone.

I was afraid I might be late in coming.

Eliot burned Kathleen's picture.

What is your first name?

I do not want to eat.

We employed her as an assistant.

Where would Neville go?

That is very detailed.

This whole sentence has been copied from Wikipedia.

There's another problem we haven't discussed yet.

Vick sent me over to get you.

All these eggs are not fresh.


We're not going to stay here long.

Have you got any preference between beef and lamb?

I'm going to find out what needs to be done.

Oh! Is it true?

"I will grow many trees here", he said to himself.

I have lost my new fountain pen.

I think people who are always afraid are useless.


Our dog has been poisoned.

He tried with all his might to stretch the bow and shoot the arrow as far as possible.

Stop saying where you're located!

Did you climb trees when you were a child?

If you could only speak English, you would be perfect.


I think I'll go skiing.

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You must help your mother.

She killed about two hours watching TV.

Open your eyes, people!

Leith appears to be sleeping.

I picked you some flowers.

Kristin is out here.

A terrible thing happened.


The baby is crying because it is hungry now.

I'd never go back to eating meat.

Allan's company was bought by a larger company.

We need to protect him.

I won't willingly give up this house. I'll leave it either in handcuffs or in a coffin!

Laurel was often late for school.

Jenine couldn't understand what Ronald was saying.

The boy runs quickly.

Do you feel that this lawsuit is frivolous?

Barney and Claude were sitting together.

Evelyn dried himself with a towel.

Have you called Lucy yet?

"Why are there beings at all, and not rather nothing? That is the question." At least, that is the question that Martin Heidegger poses us.

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I had a great time last night.

I think you're wrong about that.

He plays tennis every day.


There were honest people long before there were Christians and there are, God be praised, still honest people where there are no Christians.

I was annoyed with him for being so late.

I'll be your guide.

I just can't stop worrying about Elwood.

Give me the keys to your car.

It seems that something funny is going on.

You'll be fine now.

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Can you recommend a good movie?

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They're undamaged.

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Their country is threatened by anarchy.

It's seems I've caught cold yesterday evening.

Carlos is intelligent and creative.


Let's go and ask him.

"Have we met somewhere before?" asked the student.

Nicolette wanted to be left alone.


I'm in the army.


It was bound to happen that way.

They feared a threat to democracy.

He drives a hard bargain.

Mosur died on Monday in Boston.

That box is made of wood.


Hartmann has agreed to work for us.


I cannot check my mailbox. There is no Internet here.

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I don't understand him.


Kombucha is produced by a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast, or SCOBY.

I'll get Mah to buy us a cake.

You saw your former employer at a conference, didn't you?

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I don't want to talk about it right now.

That would prove easier said than done.

Rudolph is so hot.

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He hated his own kind.


The doctor prescribed medicine for the patient.

We are the pioneers of this new branch of science.

I make a bargain with him over the price.

The baby went to sleep at once.

The inmates have taken over the asylum.

He comes round once a week.

I'm going to kill Ralph!

It is useless to try to remember all the words in the dictionary.

I must obey her.

He's certain to succeed.

I don't want you to get the wrong impression.

I think that there are more people in the countryside with a big heart than there are in the city.

Does it have a toilet?


I was in the hallway.

Love does not forgive.

Is this a test?

Sanford probably should've been at today's meeting.

I thought it was Evan.

Yes, thanks. Recently I've been roughing it so I was able to get a proper sleep for the first time in a while.

The Vice-President talked at the meeting in place of the President.

He is a novelist rather than a politician.

Guy denied the accusation immediately.

Jurevis will always be remembered.

Even men sometimes cry.

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Telephone booths are very scarce around here.

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It's no big deal if I lose.

I didn't even know that you had one.

The time will soon come when Japan will distinguish herself in winter sports.


I would like to travel alone.


The day was exhausting.


Who the devil was that?

We're having some people round.

We were shown all of their family photos.

I agree with them that we should try again.

Frederick asked me if I could play the piano.

Remove the bandage.

That was cooked in oil.

I wonder if there is any reason to translate this into French.

Learn to hope is important