Someone invited me to a party, but I was too scared to go.

The perpetrator was Canadian.

I want to say that word.

Evan stayed with me until the ambulance arrived.

I wished I'd known Kayvan better.

Natraj took a long warm bath.

I hope nothing has happened to Neal.


Who do you think will take over the company?


The pilot will land the plane.

I should be whipped for giving you that notion.

It's a great day for a picnic.

Has Patricio done something wrong?

How long did it take us to translate this book?


Her hair grew back to it's original length.

Have you a room to let in this house?

You do like us, don't you?

They came back.

I don't understand English, let alone German.

Don't let schooling interfere with your education.

I really want people to like me.

They aren't here yet.

Mom, come with me to the store.

It's already been 4 years since we met. How time flies.

I have to get up early, even on Sundays.

She proposed that we take an hour's break for lunch.

We bought a camera, a clock and some dishes in that store.


You're not familiar with his city.

Nicolas ate the bread.

We don't know that for sure.


I hate snow and the carnival.

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Your locker is open.

I just received your letter.

Sergio certainly fooled us all.

His father is Japanese.

Will you still help me?

I bear no malice toward you.

Try to make good use of your spare time.


His memory will live forever.

I didn't have any good tips for you. Sorry.

He went to a college of agriculture.


You didn't tell me Stacey was living with you.

The woman Ahmed is going out with had been married 4 times.

You should be talking to him.

My sister's skinny and me, I'm chubby.

I went for a long walk.


Nils is eavesdropping.


I know somebody who can help us.

He jumped into her car.

Did you remember to buy sugar?

I like blue best of all colors.

Regardless how many times I try to solve this nasty problem, I always end up failing.

The Republican candidate won the election.

I'll never deceive you.

Skef loves you all.

It is just a prank!

I'm not your husband anymore.

Let's get them out of there.

The cat was sick last week.

Did you accomplish what you set out to do?

The stick is sticky.

Four or five pens in one's shirt pocket is a dead giveaway for a nerd.

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Is a meal served on this flight?

He was beside himself with rage when he heard the remark.

I can't get the pictures out of the camera!


He can't pick.

Today is Friday. The weekend starts already tomorrow!

My university has a dormitory.

Where is Namibia?

They did not want to give up their old ways of living.


Of course I can drive a car very well.


Reuben's busy right now, maybe come by later?

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I must stay where I am.

I expect Trying to be here by 2:30.

She feared cancer would kill her husband before their great-grandson was born.

I like your sarong style skirt.

Giggling with embarrassment, she held out the condom.

Did you talk to them about it?

I didn't expect any gift.

Donna offered to help.

The company asked the bank to loan them some money to buy new machinery.

Please close the door.

Eating a good breakfast is very wise.

We don't want anybody to find out.

Urumqi is even colder than Kashgar.


Someone is watching.


It's much cheaper to live on grains and vegetables you can grow in your garden.

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I once knew a guy who claimed to feel a spiritual bond with stoats. Weirdo.

His homework having been finished, Dion went to bed.

Sumo is the traditional sport of Japan.

It is difficult for me to skate.

Why wouldn't you go out with him?


Why don't you just tell Morris the truth?

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How was the picnic yesterday?

The problem is what we should do with this money.

Bread and games.

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Stagger should have left earlier.

Diana isn't going to kill me.

I'd like to know what this is all about.


Kay is probably hungry.

To start with, I must thank you for your help.

Her ashes are interred here.

They are always at each other's throats.

That you don't believe me is a great pity.

It'll cost you thirty dollars.

I am blessed if I know it.


You can't ignore them.

Jianyun didn't get paid as much as they told him they'd pay him.

I've lost your email address.


That lake looks like the sea.

We were beaten.

Doug was wearing a black turtleneck.

You were pleased to see that sentence deleted, weren't you?

Pia was very kind to me.


I'm not going to press charges.

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How are your parents getting along?

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I'd like to help them prove it.


Donald might arrive alone.

I'm diligent.

Come with me to the hospital.

He was being taught English by his brother when we called on him.

Dan smoked marijuana with Linda.

Nothing whatever is known of him.

I'm always busy with work.

Why can't we tell him?

She is both rich and very beautiful.


I swear by the beard of the prophet.

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He is a robust young man.


Pears are canned in this factory.

Valentin fell over and landed flat on his face.

If it continues to be stimulated the skin's protective function causes thickening and it becomes stiff and hard with pores that stand out.

Do you think that I'm not trying?

He failed in the examination.


"I have the wrong life," was his last words.

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Untie me now.


I listen to the radio every night.

You're Tomasz's friend, aren't you?

It's a very cheerful celebration.

People do stupid things when they're tired.

Do you get enough sleep?

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Linux experts are able to use the command line.


It can't be done in the amount of time we have.

Pull it open.

He has a chance of equaling the old record.

Let's have lunch.

This town hasn't changed a bit since the 1970's.


He is a partner in crime.

The fisherman cast his line into the water.

How is your host family?


It looks ridiculous.


Are you celebrating Christmas?

Do you think it's safe to go into this cave?

You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here.

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Tyler had never realized how attractive Moses was before.

He put all his money in the box.

I don't know all the details yet.

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Confidence is what you have before you understand the problem.

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It looks like we fell into a trap.