What you are saying doesn't make sense.

Please change this bill into coins.

Anything new?

Do not attempt this at home.

She is second to none in swimming in her school.

The sunshine improved his complexion.

Completely different from Murph was his boyfriend John, who was amicable and philanthropic.

He turned around when I called.

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The people who live there are our friends.


Long reign our king.

He may be on the next train.

Are your bags in the car?

At this time, the victims' names aren't being released.

You have more restraint than most people.


Somebody poisoned them.

"Yes. I understand," says Mrs. Lee.

Fear of serious injury cannot alone justify suppression of free speech and assembly. Men feared witches and burnt women. It is the function of speech to free men from the bondage of irrational fears.

Martha wanted to meet you.

Joe walked Kate home.

I can't abide that rude man.

I never liked Bert.

Torsten told Sylvan to make sure that she wasn't late.

I think I'll be able to help you next Monday.

I almost killed myself snowboarding.

He's so handsome.


I am very pleased with my new house.


She has a love of music.


She forced him to sit down.

Takeuchi doesn't have much time left.

No matter how much you try, you don't lose even a kilo. You might even gain a little weight. This is the diet plateau.


I'm not sure, but I think I know what to do.


We belong here.

Pat has a funny way of laughing, doesn't he?

I recovered from my illness.


We have had a lot of snow and I am very happy.

You need to take your shoes off before entering the room.

Kevyn doesn't have a wife.

I speak English daily.

Where is my Mezuzah?


Tuna can take a break if he wants.

Let us depart from this accursed place!

"Exit the X-Wing now, Your Majesty." "Not going to happen. I'm going to space." "It is written: you are an asshole!"

I shouldn't have yelled at him.

The Air Diet: Why Eat When You Can Pretend!


Patricio slid the key into the lock.

Someone has been in my room.

Betty still hasn't come back.

You just need some coffee.

Google has played an important role in turning the information over the internet more accessible.


There are books and books on the subject.


The business has changed hands.

I expect you know all about it.

Is it my turn?

The truth of the story is familiar to you all.

Call me if you find Eddy.

I'd rather stay than go.

Does that ever happen to you?

I was curious to see evidence of this.

I may admire others but I have never aspired to be like anyone, other than myself.

I've already told him this a thousand times.

The last time I saw Larry he was eating an apple.


You can borrow a copy from any public library.


That truck is not transporting what people think.


Make haste.

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You know I'm not coming back, don't you?

The tulips are in bloom in the flower bed.

Would you mind looking after my kids?

I want to start getting ready to do that.

He was all the more angry because she wasn't in the least sorry.

George doesn't mix much; he likes to keep to himself.

What rotten luck!

He was my good friend.

The policeman showed Per his badge.

I don't know if you found one.

I was born to love you.

The rocket went up smoothly.

Are you with the police?

Cris wished he had told Ricardo the truth.

I believe there is a mistake here.

Pratt has a decision to make.

The boy isn't as bad as he seemed.


Can I get that in writing?

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They hate him.


I see a book.


Usually, Americans prefer big cars.

The heat is on.

I was only teasing.


Kevyn promised Lanny that he'd turn over a new leaf.

Did you hear that sound?

We travelled around the world.

He sold me down the river.

I'll stay in Boston for three months.

They are satisfied with the contract.

Today I start to write a rap song.

Old habits die hard.

Geoff and I'll stick together.

According to the makers of the Oxford English Dictionary, there are over 800,000 words in the English language.

I had to take Amos to the hospital.

I am convinced of his honesty.

We were worried about them.

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Don't threaten me.

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Who are your closest friends?

In Singapore, a way to punish criminals is to whip them.

Someone in this room needs a good deodorant.

Vincenzo is at least a foot taller than Denis.

He behaves as if he had visited London.

I want to go there by myself.

Randell canceled his hotel reservation.

Their relationship really started gaining momentum.

Everyday physical exercise is indispensable to your health.

This is a good opportunity to get to know one another.

He is a man after our own hearts.


Would you wipe the table for me?


I took my umbrella in case it rains.

He was always as good as his word.

Jack and Jill went up a hill, so Jack could lick her candy, but Jack got a shock and a mouth full of cock.

My worst apprehensions have come true.

You guys make a cute couple.

At least I did something.

I'm not hungry now.

The image quality is really bad - the resolution is so low.

We don't have all day.

Everett and Turkeer are in my office.

Distrust of the Social Insurance Agency and the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare just keeps getting stronger.

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I had the same thing happen to me last month.

The teacher said to me, "Get out!"

Many housewives make good use of frozen food.


It made Murat's family really happy.


I'm not interested in you.

Herve couldn't trust Michelle.

I don't know Jarl well enough to ask him to do that.


Nick didn't even have the decency to acknowledge his mistake.

I live near the Towngas drums.

I have everything here that I need.

How did you find George?

Do not be absurd.

This is how our relationship started.

You can use the book as long as you keep it clean.


The subsistence farmer grew so little that there was no room for leftovers.


Gideon reluctantly let Jitendra into his house.


I can't believe Max really did that.

I used to drink beer.

You are what you eat.

I didn't even know what that was.

I wonder what Swamy will say.

Be more flexible.

It's good to be back!

Harry had to back out of the competition because of a broken arm.

Tai was sad when he discovered that Liz was a gold digger and Ramsey was sad when she discovered that David was poor.


I've got plenty of other things to worry about.

Don't spill the soup.

She has lived alone ever since her husband died.

The table is askew, it's likely going to turn over soon.

I'll tell Lucifer to call you as soon as he gets in.

Kaj is out of the race.

How does Sheila do it?

Would you tell me your email address?

I don't look forward to going to school.

She shook hands with a co-worker.

What was the name of the movie we saw last night?


Who can tell what will happen to her?

I think we can do it.

Betty was the last to arrive.

I'm afraid I won't be able to take part in the meeting tonight.

He denied knowing anything about their plans.