There is only space for thirty students in this classroom.


Ro and I aren't enemies, but we're not friends, either.

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It's definitely her.

I wonder if it could happen again.

Piercarlo is going to ask you to help.


That wasn't difficult.

There is no factory in this village.

I guess I was lucky.

Syun has red hair.

Thanks for volunteering to help.

I want to learn how to snowboard.

Gunnar wanted to sleep under the stars.

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Dori is selfish, isn't he?

The girls' chatter was endless.

You're not very encouraging.


You learned English from Miss Long, didn't you?

Pa-aling is a controversial fishing method.

I don't know why Ronald needs that much money.

We can make new plans.

Cut Eileen a break.

They experienced a pain in their legs.

I want to find out what's really going on.

The donkeys were carrying heavy packs.

To the best of my knowledge, this chemical will prevent germs from breeding.


We don't have lots of time.

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I'm going to meet Novorolsky there.

No one ate any of the cookies that I made.

It's not voluntary.

We reached Boston after midnight.

You don't need to say it in such derogatory terms.

A square is both a rectangle and a rhombus.

I can't explain everything.

They're never there.

In the postbiological era, synthetic bodies became the new home of human minds.

How much money do I owe you?

I prefer ponies to unicorns.

I ran toward the door.

Who knows the answers?

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Neville wore black jeans and a white T-shirt.

All the class waited for the new teacher.

We're a hundred percent behind you.

Are those the people you saw yesterday?

Get rid of them.

How is it in the market?

This price is too high.

Dimetry's team suffered a crushing defeat.

Save Vernon.

They want to know what's happening.

Next year she will be 17.

He doesn't know where Maria lives.

We're going to try.

All I want out of General McClellan is a victory, and if to hold his horse will bring it, I will gladly hold his horse.

She walked barefoot over the hot embers.


Pedro noticed what was going on.

Somebody called Hanry wants to see you.

Jerald politely accepted the drink.

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I'll take the yellow one.


Darren has done it in the past.

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One day I strolled into the woods.

My birthday party is tomorrow.

God created me.


On both sides of the road there are cherry trees.

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If you intervene, they will also intervene.

A crowd of people gathered in the street.

Everyone except me knew it.


Joel waited for Hienz for over three hours.

I leave motivated by computer gaming and sleeping with my beloved.

Nathaniel has been appointed administrative director.

It is very important to obey the traffic rules.

I don't know how Kathleen finds the time.

All the furniture was covered with dust.

I wish I could dance every day.

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I finished buying a dozen eggs.

All you do is complain.

I don't think any of those horses is going to win.

I could use something to drink.

I'm sick of eating fast food.


Do you think you'd have time to help me learn French?


That seems reasonable enough.


I've been helping her study for the GRE.

I don't know why in my dreams, she isn't there. Maybe she doesn't want to be there not to disturb me.

Here, I'll open it for you.


He is rich. He doesn't need any money!

I just thought that you might want to have this back.

I prefer Spanish men to English.


The foxes that have been exposed to radiation in Chernobyl for twenty-nine years no longer fear humans and are willing to eat from their hands.

I'm sorry to hear about your sick mother.

He regained consciousness and was able to talk.

Her lecture was completely over my head.

I think I recognize that man.

Are you happy with your body?

I saw him three years ago.

Disney strip-mines the world's fairy tales for ideas and then sues people for intellectual property infringement.

The nun prayed and crossed herself.

Lorien pointed at the open window.

Esperanto is a peaceful language.

Noam just showed up for work.

Why are you undressing?

We were shocked at the news of his death.

I'm worried about her.

Catherine told Donal that the cake she baked tasted good.

Don't step on my toes.

I used to be a planner, but now I'm a wreckless punk.

When Karen woke up, he found that Arne had disappeared.

Jennie is going to need your help.

Don't be fooled by his good looks.

I accompanied him on the trip.

A truck typically uses more gas than a car.


You've already told me how you feel.

His employer was sincerely grateful for his cooperation.

I have no idea what would make our dog behave like that.

I thought Rick wouldn't mind waiting for Phil.

While backing up, I bumped into another car and set off its alarm.

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What could Galen possibly have to hide?

I didn't understand a thing.

Kory has two brothers.

In this way a passing boat noticed them, thanks to Takeda's scream, and they survived without incident.

Jwahar said that you and he had lunch.

I see things differently now.

Stu is almost the same height as you.

I can't get you a reservation just then; is later OK?

It's really difficult to survive in a big city like Tokyo without endebting oneself.

The dish told on my stomach.

I own 1,000 shares of NTT stock.

Mikey works in agriculture.

Give me the rifle.

I hope you guys are cool with this.

Is today Friday?

I've never seen him dance.

Everything's all right now.

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

He definitely wants to get married in a church.

What did you do to get grounded?

We're with the FBI.


That's OK with me.


Why should the state know my movements on the Internet?


Without a doubt the rodent best adapted to living in rivers and marshlands is the beaver.

The story was adapted for the movie.

His diligence turned out a disadvantage after all.

I learned a lot from Shai.

Why don't you just fire them?

Stefan says he'll reconsider his decision.

Let's settle accounts.

I'm moving as fast as I can.

A one million yen fine? That's nothing to me.

I have to use the restroom.

May I talk to them?


Strictly speaking, his view differs a little from mine.


Stefan realized Len was getting tired.

It's top secret.

Gather yourself up.


Esperanto is both a target language as well as a source language for translations.


He kept secret that he had bought his son a bicycle.

The rooms are heated only when they are used.

He was brought up against the realities of life.

She was cooking dinner at that time.

I don't love anyone else. I love you.

He has all but finished the work.

There are complicated circumstances behind the matter.

I leave for school at eight every morning.

I downloaded it.

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I get a headache just hearing the name "Tobias."

We looked about us.

Mikey fell.


His nephew was absorbed in the splendid fireworks.

Prepare yourself.

Clyde is taking a walk with Nanda.