He's not the man he was before he got married.

The result proved disappointing.

He hurt his finger with a needle.

We will be studying at the University of San Francisco in September.

I told him you were happy.

Hillary really likes chocolate a whole lot.

Every cop in Boston is now looking for Sundar.


Why are you complaining?

Kyle doesn't want to drink a thing.

I'll be sure to tell them that.

The meat's gone bad.

Leadership calls for tough choices and, at times, tough language.

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She will have been married for six years on June 10th of this year.


His job is to promote sales.

We've been here a while.

I'm severely allergic to peanuts.

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James is allergic to bees.

Are you dating anybody?

Paul is a dolphin trainer.

They don't want Robin back.

At best he may take third place.


She was a middle-aged urban professional.

Alan bought a ticket and went in.

I know that Irving did it.

Do your neighbors know that your house is haunted?

That is completely useless.

Don't you want to know the truth?

This shirt needs to be washed.

No, thank you. I'm just looking.

Raj never forgets a face.

Why should we care what happens after we are dead?

She got married in her teens.

Can you contact her?

He was defeated by the fly swatter.

We're going out to get something to eat.

I'll visit whenever I can.

We go back to Boston next week.

Anyone who breaks this rule is liable to severe punishment.


The humble man is getting along with his neighbors.

She belongs to the new generation of rock.

Let me take care of this.


The new engine must undergo all the necessary tests.


The man tries the coffee.

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I'm not saying I'm better than Lucifer.

Roxie might not be hungry yet.

Most of the residents on this street are wrong'uns


We stood in the middle of the room.

Take this chair to the meeting room.

You wouldn't recognize Anatole anymore.

Hurf started talking.

I can't get my head around her.


I'll keep the motor running.

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At seven I'll be back.

She gave us a dour look when we suggested that she apologize.

I've been trying to track you down all morning.

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Between the sweating tourists and the agonizing pigeons, Paris, during the summer, is madly elegant!

Were you invited?

I just want to be a good father.

The earth is round.

I'll soon register for a course in German.

Tandy is paying.

I'd feel better if you'd wait for me.

I owe it to him that I can earn a good salary.

The baby has pretty little fingers.

Where does your uncle live?

I just don't want to believe it.

I asked for my father's help.

I chose these shoes.

I thought I'd walk you to school.

I'm going to work on that.

The government finances are severely squeezed.

I want to come back to Lucca.

That is exactly what I wanted to buy.

What's really going on here?

I would like to see you before leaving for Europe.

You must have stayed up late.

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One of the piano strings is broken.

There is a declared state of emergency.

I'm going there whether you're going or not.


It looks different.

They usually go to school from Monday to Friday.

Have your ever followed the White Rabbit to its hole?

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It's the right thing to do.

It's time to make out our annual report.

Can you show me how this works?

I'm glad you're coming.

The engineer seeks not so much to know nature as to make use of it.


I thought you guys had already left.

We're going to a new bar tonight. Do you want to come along?

Linda is planting a palm tree in his backyard.

She is envious of my success.

That never worked.

Nicolas has information that Piet needs.

You don't live in a country; you live in a language. Your homeland, that's that and nothing else.

Carl Benz obtained in 1886 the patent for the first car.

Linda's hair is very long.


The young man whom I caught looking through the garbage can said that he hasn't eaten in four days.

Any murder is gruesome but this one was especially heinous.

His husband is rich.

I was supposed to buy some milk on my way home, but I forgot.

The pupils are bound down by the rules.

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The party took place in a big room.


Go see a doctor.

I'm on a budget, so I don't eat out more than three times a week.

Do you want to meet him?

Leave your desk as it is.

His father passed away last night in the hospital.

Grandpa cannot hold urine anymore.

Spike is disturbed.

Oh, you're leaving tomorrow!

I assume after work you're going home right away.

Let's go to the zoo!

Help yourself to the cookies, Phiroze.


One of the main characters of the webcomic El Goonish Shive, and arguably the most adorable of them, is a weresquirrel (among other things).


I don't like to go out without a coat on such a cold day.


I have a lot of work to finish up before the end of the week.


I have a part-time job.


Josh cut his hand with a rusty knife.

Loren is panicking.

The notorious expression of the year 2011 is "Kebab murders".

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I think it's them.

The car was carrying four people when the accident occurred.

Please don't touch the flowers.


They stayed in the room with me for the whole night.

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The pen always beats the sword.

The Ministry of Environment would play a more important role that way.

Would you like to be a farm boy?

Have you ever reviewed your lessons in a park?

We saw through your lies.

I thought it was best not to say anything.

You hate him, don't you?


The best mirror is an old friend.

Can we do this some other time?


Did I touch a raw nerve?

Nora told us no.


According to the thermometer, it's thirty degrees.

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You may stay as long as you want.

Our town was bombed twice this week.

You should take an umbrella with you.

I think I'll go home.

That scientist is looking for dinosaur bones in the valley.

Mixing with people at a party can be terrifying for shy people.

I really don't think it's over.


She's my son's daughter. She's my granddaughter.

It's in the garage.

In Spain, there's a popular belief that when you sneeze, you have to say "Jesus" for the soul to return to the body.

Dan, who was watching the scene, called the police.

We've got six children, you know.


I'll be careful with the kids.

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I never heard anything like that.

Your prepuce really bothers you. You think it's feminine.

He was brought to tears.

He is such a bad person that everybody dislikes him.

We're meeting up tomorrow?


We're not Bengali.


If it's an aggressive strange salesman, then call me right away. I'll chase him off.

Herman and I keep in touch.

We should have a drink.

We're from Germany.

The jealousy is starting to darken Rajesh's mind.

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I don't want to miss happy hour.