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You may have a problem.

Do you serve any sugar-free beverages?

Never forget that.


Do you want to stop them?

Ima is very old.

Klaus is a hick.

We must make a new start.

Marie has written down a list of things we need to do.

It's crawling with spiders.

I like to remind my mother of those days.

Billie hadn't counted on this.

Nobody's blaming you.

He had to commit crime because he was starving.

Per's mother passed away last week.

We'll be leaving now.

Please let me take your picture.

Curry sauce is very nourishing.

I have a few dollars.

I hope you can make it on time.

As it got colder, I began to want a sweater.

Derek sings tenor.

I have just finished my homework.

You've been waiting for over three hours.

Experts have offered three possible explanations.

I like that dress.

I'm sorry for reproaching you.

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I fought an enemy at the side of a drunk guy.


What do you think really happened?

Albert is counting on Ginny's help.

Stagger looks very uneasy.

I thought Stephan sounded upset.

Cristopher was hurt.


Plastic knew Valentin wouldn't like John's gift.

Richard sliced the potatoes.

The government's financial situation is tense.

Brandy said he would do his homework right after dinner.

I'm amazed that you didn't come.

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Vistlik and Pratt went for a midnight swim.

Oh! Show it to me please.

I can't remember the secret code.

Aren't you tired yet?

I've disobeyed her.


The closure of the factory was a tough pill to swallow to the town's residents.

It is not easy to get rid of bad habits.

What about a beer?

There is a limit of two pieces of luggage for each passenger.

You're thirty, right?

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The vampire came back to life in his coffin.


Dylan says he usually buys a new car every three years.

Do I look thirty?

Kitty doesn't need to come yet.

There's only one answer I can give.

I wonder why Marie is so busy.


It seems like you know everything.

I want to go there.

I'm terrible at tennis.

I hate my mother-in-law.

There's no buried treasure here.


I'll send you a message.


Everything Karen said about Julia was true.

The taste of wine is largely dependent upon the weather.

Don't bet on that.

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When do you intend to quit smoking?

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The concert hall was so jam-packed there wasn't room to breathe.

His words carry little conviction.

True happiness consists of desiring little.


Be not afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create the fact.

It was dark in the American house.

Do you think you'd like to live in Boston?

I know what I should've done, but I just didn't have enough time to do it.

I took Narendra to a hospital.

I warned him about the danger.

I had a bad dream.

Would you mind if I came along?

Thanks for staying with us.


I don't know who that youngster is.

How about February 28th around 3:00 pm?

Put the pliers in the tool box.

I told her nothing.

Tell Pierre to try harder.


Timothy and his wife wanted to have a child before they were too old.


She advised him to go to the hospital, but he didn't follow her advice.

Phiroze and Robin held hands as they skated around the rink.

I've been to Hong Kong once.

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A homeless man and a three-year-old boy argued for an hour about whether or not Batman has superpowers, which he does not.


I screamed but nobody could hear me.

Joon died unexpectedly.

We knew we did nothing wrong.

His friend's cold shoulder caused him heartache.

How could you know?

Agatha isn't safe.

Claudia really has changed.

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What was your primary focus while you were in college?


If my parents punished me for something I didn't do, I would tell them the truth and try to convince them of my innocence.

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I want to work with your company.

I'm as ready as I'll ever be.

I don't know what was in that box.

This loan will carry very heavy interest.

I wanted to talk with you.

I'll keep that book for myself.

You said you were going to call.


Matti can't remember exactly when he first met Jeffie's parents.


After school, their lives diverged.

Our football team defended well.

Mysore misled me.

Think is thorough.

We made Mr Grey chairman of the committee.

She was caught red-handed trying to steal a necklace.

Nixon became very angry.


I almost called her.

Aardvarks are nocturnal animals.

Good hunting.

I didn't have time to eat breakfast this morning.

Other people are always off the point.

Dan left no traces behind.

Has he got any experience of farming?

The loss of her father was very painful for her.

Vincent is usually quite patient.

I feel dead inside.

Lucifer has been convicted of drunken driving twice in the last four years.

She doesn't remember how many plates we have to bring.

We feel pretty confident.


I guide.

Grace has psychic ability.

The Arabs lived across the Arabian Peninsula before the birth of Islam.

Teri made a very interesting comment.

The observation of gravitational waves will start a new phase in the study of the universe.


This is exactly the book that I want to read.


They served us berries and fresh fruit for breakfast.

He had three sons.

I won't know until I hear from Jay.

Luc is a student.

I have a lot more money than I'll ever need.

I gave him a sedative.

I scored only 33 points on the test.

She is great with child.

The plane is taking off.

Are they going to have a boy or a girl?

Carter said that he feels much better today.

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I like learning ancient languages.

I come from Holland.

Has he ever snored?

I caught a cold.

The cat curled up in front of the fire.

The job will be completed before tomorrow.

She went all the way to see her doctor only to find him absent.

I think Al is tall.

I no longer feel that way about you.

What's your favorite Australian folk song?

We are both her girlfriends.


Lee never came out of his coma.

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Can you lend me some money? I'm skint.

She bent down and picked up the coin.

No one noticed her.

Could you do me a huge favor?

What's going to happen tonight?


This is my kitchen.

You and I seem to be the only people here.

Charleen came back early.


Thank you for boiling the water.

You should be ashamed of your ignorance.

Right now, to 20 people only, we're revealing for free the secret of manipulating younger women.

I located one.

They consider him a highly qualified employee.


I'm afraid she will fail.